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Fall of Constantinople and Islam's Treatment of Christians

A Sharing: "The Fall of Constantinople and Islam's Treatment of Christians:- A small historic sample, of what the 'Beautiful and Peaceful' religion of Islam has committed-

*Shared by a fellow sincere Orthodox Christian, of Greek American descent.

Comment: Our US president, B. Obama needs to read some of this accurate history of Christian/Islamic relations.

Recently he made the extremely ignorant and pro-Islamic statement, regarding the current torturing, oppression and mass slaughtering of Christians at Moslem hands, as: 'pay-back for the Crusades'..i.e. what Christians [any and all 'Christians', eastern ones as we Orthodox or other Middle-Eastern churches, or westerners-Protestants and Catholics, etc.? should expect, i.e. their/OUR collective  proper punishments, for their/OUR past injustices to those poor Moslems???

This pathetic man, Barack Obama, is a historical moron, who knows very little of world history... or American history.  He shows his anti-Christian, pro-Muslim and pro-Marxist and deeply-anti-American upbringing, more and more, day by day.

Also, to continue to blame that short, and amateurish anti-Muhammad video, produced by an, Egyptian Coptic Christian living here in California, America, [he being mis-labeled as, 'an American',] as the  ..single cause... of the Islamic terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy, and the murder of our ambassador, plus the entire Islamic multiple attacks and murdering of Christians and westerners, etc, including it seems,  the rise of 'ISIS" too!!!, a big lie, and shows the pro-Muslim bias and prejudice and plain historical STUPIDITY of our bungling incompetent moronic leftist president.

For all the many many long centuries of Moslem oppression, [which they still are doing today] and persecution and killing EACH OTHER...and of Egyptian Christians,  indeed of all Christians or others under their 'kind rule', plus the centuries of the desecrations of their holy places, their churches and shrines and monasteries,  and of their clergy and laity, -THEY have the RIGHT! to justly... blame the vile and False-Prophet Muhammad, Of Thrice Cursed Memory!... who stared that satanic monstrosity on the human race, labeled, 'Islam" -Submission.

And most especially, to do this, here in America, where we supposedly have freedom of both speech and religion, is about the only place where such wronged Coptic Christians, COULD make any counter-attack on their Muslim oppressors, feeble as that short and quite mild  video was, which I did view.

And, by the way, on the internet, on you-tube, there are many personal and well done testimonial videos of former Muslims, many who then became Christians,  which are in various world languages, [some who were highly placed  leaders in their former born religion] who go into great & shocking details of what all is so very absurd and evil in Islam, with the ridiculous Koran, and with Muhammad, in the religion of their birth.  Don't they  also have the right of freedom of speech?... and to leave rotten anti-human Islam?

But  pro-Marxist, anti-Christian and anti-American, Muslim devotee, Mr. Obama would silence them..  at least with this poor Coptic man, which he has done already.  That poor Coptic Christian, in California, who made that little video,  is in hiding or he has been imprisoned or deported by the pro-Muslim Obama administration.  Thus, all Coptic Christians who have taken refuge in America, must now fear to open their mouths again, and say anything in their own defense, or against the 'Holy Prophet of Allah, Muhammed'.   The Obama presidency is a foe to this country, and our Christian roots, our economic system, and is weakening and indeed destroying us, at home and abroad, in so many many ways, but a big friend to all of our world's enemies.

When will we sweep him and his regime out? God grant it be soon.  Now, he wants to let Iran get the nuclear bomb, -is that his twisted idea of 'pay-back' to evil America?  It really does seem so.
 The fall of Constantinople and Islams Treatment of Christians:June 4, 2015

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*Shared by a Greek American Orthodox brother.
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