Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Power-Insane Putin

Power-Insane, Vladimir Putin, 'Ex-KGB', Admirer of Joseph Stalin, Pushes World to Nuclear War


 Comment: In our Orthodox Christian basic theology, we are taught, that in this world there are two opposite powers who are at war with each other: God, Who created all and loves Mankind, and the Devil who wishes to destroy us all, and take our immortal souls to Hell with himself.

We humans must choose which side we are on. That will determine, where we go, when we pass from this life.

One fact is crystal clear: bloodthirsty power-mad dictators as Vladimir Putin,  are on the side of the Devil, and wish to harm and destroy many millions of souls.

He is preparing for a totally unjustified nuclear world war, while the west, America included,[ both our incompetent leftist government and more especially, the general population of this country, of which I am a native member],  want only to live in peace and harmony with Russia, and indeed all nations.

We want to also live in peace with the Muslim world-but they won't let that happen.
Neither America nor Europe is threatening Putin's enslaved unfree  'democratic' Russia. The primo enemy of Russia and its people is exactly Putin and his evil neo-hangover criminal gangster soviet regime in power.

Vladimir V. Putin, is a very good fore-runner and image of the promised antichrist: a world powerful leader, who to many seems all-good/all-wise, but who is in reality only working for maximum evil, and the destruction of many millions of human lives and souls.

Vladimir Putin is an agent of Satan, not of the Good and Mankind Loving God.

"By their works shall ye know them!"
Rd. Daniel

This link gives the video player:

Media caption Jens Stoltenberg: "This nuclear sabre-rattling of Russia is unjustified, it's destabilising and it's dangerous"

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