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Proposal to Canonize Stalin

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Sun, 28 Jun 2015

This article found on Internet Sobor.

My comment: This particular unbelievable proposal is coming from one Russian writer, who has a radio program.

However, general calls for declaring Joseph Stalin a 'saint' are coming from many voices in Russia, where his 'icons'  [often coupled with those of Pat. Sergius Staragorodsky] already are publically  venerated and blessed, carried in public processions, and some sort of 'services' are being performed TO HIM  in front of these 'icons', by some MP clergy.

Clearly too, this is being sponsored and encouraged by the Putin regime. If it weren't, it simply could not happen.

It appears to be part of his program of, 'restoring Russian national pride and the Russian empire', of course, KGB dictator Vladimir  Putin's very twisted version of those concepts.

Few public voices oppose him, on this matter or on any issue, [for fear of their lives and fortunes]  though it is clear that there are many especially among older Russians [as the younger, historically ignorant  Russian generation knows nothing directly about his endless atrocities], who cannot conceive of mass murderer Stalin as any sort of anybody's 'saint' - [unless the Devil has his own 'saints'?]   He does of course, but we Orthodox call such evil beings: DEMONS, the servants of the Enemy of God, the Devil, Lucifer.  And those beings are NOT OUR FRIENDS!

Putin's government's public invitation, [through his rubber stamp 'democratic and openly freely elected' DUMA, as he also claims was how he got his own 'democratic' post!] too, of some supposed hereditary 'members of the Romanov family to... return to Russia,' is also in this same propaganda venue.  It is Putin's goal of creating his new, nation-wide 'Potemkin Village' false-front picture of his captive and unfree enslaved Russia.

Rd. Daniel ...who has no need of any' icons' or portraits or photos, either, of servant of Satan, Joseph Stalin! ...among the worst bloody and atheist monsters of all of human or universal world history.

But, Vladimir Putin, who is called by his glassy-eyed devoted supporters, 'a sincere Orthodox Christian', venerates him!

And, ROCOR/MP, our former brothers and sisters in the old ROCOR, is subservient to his MP 'church' and thus, to him.

When do we hear anyone in that subservient church, openly criticize Putin or his Patriarch??? So far, I hear no such voices.  Because, THEY DO NOT DARE oppose the regime in power in Moscow, and by so doing they prove WHO they really serve, and it is clearly not Our Lord God and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

Will ROCOR/MP churches, as those in this country, [and OCA churches too?] soon also have icons of Joseph Stalin, his feast day on their church calendar, and perform akathists to him, in front of such painted abominations?  If their 'holy mother church' the KGB controlled MP, will do such things, then they too MUST also.  Wait and see.

This is the massive world-wide apostasy of the end times.  Let us all flee from it.


 The Russian offer to canonize Stalin
Author: Council Internet incl. June 20, 2015 . Posted in Society

In Russia, Stalin is proposed to be classified among  the saints, calling him "the leader of the sacred Christian victory" in the war against Nazi Germany.
The proposal was made ​​by the Russian writer, Alexander Prokhanov, on  the radio station "Moscow speaking".
He stressed that he considered Stalin a benefactor of the church and that  he is in favor of his canonization.
"The victory in the war of 1941-1945 is considered a sacred victory. Because in this war there clashed the forces of hell with the  forces of heaven. The hellfire forces - that was  Hitler and fascism. The heavenly  force - that was  the Soviet Union. But Stalin was himself, the leader of the sacred Christian victory," - Prokhanov said.

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