Saturday, June 20, 2015

Russia Proposes to Canonize Stalin

SHAME!: More shocking impious insanity from the Putin Regime: The Russian Proposal to Canonize Stalin: In WWII, 'The Force of Heaven Was The Soviet Union' (i.e. Stalin)-!!!

Comment: This blasphemy and rewriting of world and Russian and Russian-Orthodox Church history, is like saying that the All-Good God and the All-Evil Devil are the same being (!) Only God-mocking rabid insane atheists could even think of such an abominable  idea, which is but more proof of who controls Russia today, including its state 'church', the enslaved unfree MP organization,  that the American OCA and ROCOR/MP under Hilarion Kapral , are subservient to  and united with.

To declare Joseph Stalin as a 'saint' and as a national hero of Russia,[ "Stalin saved the nation and Pat. Sergius saved the church!"],  and then brazenly unashamedly depicting Stalin [ and also pretend , Stalin appointee 'patriarch' Sergius Staragorodsky too]  on 'icons' (!)  and then of course, soon....writing services in their honor, [ but apparently the MP clergy are already serving  such 'holy' church services.... to Stalin!...and praying.... TO HIM!' ]  is spitting on all the Holy New Martyrs and on all of sacred Russian culture and history. Indeed, it is spitting on Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Miserable Adolph Hitler and his Nazi-Fascism, and miserable Joseph Stalin's Marxist-Leninist Communist atheistic tyranny,  were THE SAME evil force, both on the SAME dark side, that of the man-hating Devil, not God. Neither were righteous or good or heroic, both were images of the antichrist, and both greatly harmed all of Europe and Germany and Russia, and the world. Both caused rivers of blood to flow. Both, tortured and murdered the saints of God. The sole difference between them might be  asked: which one killed more people?

And the answer to that question is, 'saint' Joseph Stalin.
Rd. Daniel Everiss

*Article found on:<> today, before this site was shut down suddenly-
perhaps, by Putin's army of internet trolls?

The Russian offer to canonize Stalin

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In Russia, Stalin proposed to classify the saints, calling it "the leader of the sacred Christian victory" in the war against Nazi Germany.
The proposal was made ​​by the Russian writer Alexander Prokhanov the radio station "Moscow speaking".
He stressed that he considered Stalin a benefactor of the church and in favor of his canonization.
"The victory in the war of 1941-1945 is considered sacred. Because in this war clashed forces of hell and paradise forces. Hellfire forces - is Hitler and fascism. Paradise force - is the Soviet Union. But Stalin is also the leader of the sacred Christian victory," - Prokhanov said.

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