Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Kind Remembrance of Princess Irina by Abbess Alexandra-

Abbess Alexandra: Memory of Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani

*May her good deeds and pure heart, follow her into the next world!  Vechnaya Pamyat!  Memory Eternal!

July 10, 2015 departed to the Lord Irina S. Princess Bagration-Mukhrani.With deep sadness I write about it. Irina S. was a close friend and advisor. Over the years, she helped the monastery spiritually and financially.
Her support and special location I felt after leaving blagopluchnuyu life in America, I went to Russia, Ishim and became engaged in the device of the monastery. Just as our bishops Archbishop John of Shanghai and Bishop Filaret Ascension, Irina S. wholeheartedly believed in the Church Abroad and supported those who were in the truth. By nature Irina S. was a very sincere person, a stranger of all lies, no matter where it originates. It was an extremely demanding and spiritually to themselves and to others.
When in May 2007 the union of the Church Abroad with the Moscow Patriarchate, Irina S. tried to help those who have remained faithful to the Orthodox Church. Irina S. Lord helped Agafangel as the only bishop, did not accept the union. Her concern for the needs of the monastery has been dictated by the fact that it was very valuable that our sisters did not go to the union with the Moscow Patriarchate, as did Lord of Eutyches, which for many of them was the spiritual father. For the sake of truth sister monastery in Ishim left their homes and were forced to endure the difficulties in Ukraine, starting from scratch.
Although Irina S. was not a nun, but a spiritual guide to her was her mother-abbess of the Monastery of the Mt of Olives Tamara Bagration-Mukhrani, niece of Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II. There were moments when in a difficult situation regarding the monastic life, I asked for advice from Irina Alekseeva and she helped me, often while referring to examples from the life of Abbess Tamara. When communicating with Irina S. I always felt it a high spiritual mood, its ability to separate the important from the unimportant.
From Irina Alekseeva is a few relics. Abbess Tamara Irina S. gave two small icons Martyr Tatiana, whom the Emperor, the Emperor Nicholas II blessed it as a favorite niece. These icons Irina S. gave me a blessing to our monastery. Great value for our Church are sent photos Irina S. Romanov princes Martyrs (John, Igor and Constantine), Abbess Tamara brothers affected with the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna and Nun Varvara near Alapaevsk. These relics are evidence to me that we should cherish the spiritual traditions of the Orthodox Church, faithful child of that Irina S. has always been. Her name will be raised with love in my prayers. Eternal memory Irina Sergeevna.
Abbess Alexandra
Photo: EV Princess Vera Konstantinovna after the prayer service in the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh (in Tolstoy Farm) on the celebration of her 90th anniversary (24 April 1996). For Her Highness Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani. Right rector Archpriest Gregory Kotliaroff.

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