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American and Romanian pilgrims visit Bulgaria

Orthodox Pilgrims from America and Romania visited the Bulgarian Old Calendar Church

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Since July 1, (n. C.) 2015 with the blessing of His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens Callinicus (CPI Greece), a group of Orthodox America, headed by His Eminence, Metropolitan Dimitri (CPI Greece in the US), visited the Old Calendar Orthodox Church in Bulgaria .

Guests arrived here after a few days in Romania. The main purpose of the pilgrimage was the Feast of St. Glyceria in Romania (15/28 June) at Transfiguration Monastery Sloatiara. Pilgrims arrived from Bucharest to Sofia in the afternoon on July 1. They were joined by guests from the Romanian Orthodox Old Calendar Church - Bishop Dionysius Galati, Archimandrite Niphon of the Dormition Monastery in Bucharest and the priest Sebastian Mogartsan from Suceava. 

On the morning of July 2, when the Church celebrates the memory of St. Jude the Apostle, one of the 70 apostles of Christ, as well as the patron saint of the Orthodox of America - St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco the Wonderworker, group of pilgrims attended the service at the Assumption Cathedral of St. Sophia church. At the end of the Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop Photios Triaditsky addressed the guests with a short welcoming speech.

Our brothers and sisters from the United States and Canada visited Knyazhev Monastery of the Holy Virgin. In the monastery of His Eminence Metropolitan Demetrios and Bishop Dionysius turned to the nuns a pastoral word. Spiritual conversation continued over lunch at the monastery living. After the meal, the guests bowed monastic sanctuary and departed in two different directions: the pilgrims from America to the south, and the clergy from Romania - to the north, to their homeland.

Along the way, visitors from the United States and Canada attended the Rila Monastery - Bulgarian resort for every faithful heart. They were impressed by the splendor of the monastery and a beautiful view of the surroundings from the top of the hill ...

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