Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Statue of idol unveiled in Detroit

A Disgusted Sharing: An example of , 'Religious toleration" ? Detroit Satanic Temple unveils statue of a Symbolic Image of Satan-

An omen of our present evil times?

Of course, we are told by Holy Scripture, and the writings of the Saints, that Antichrist, who will represent the Devil,  will appear as very attractive and beautiful to mankind, not like this very ugly figure embodied in this disgusting idol, (what a tragic waste of bronze metal!, a valuable metal alloy that should be better used to make fine quality sweet sounding church bells!, to call people to the worship of Almighty God).

But, as we also know, the real Devil, in his true essence, is far more ugly and revolting and repugnant, than this pathetic idol statue.

In fact he is so extremely ugly, that God, to protect us,  has made a law that to most of us, we cannot  see him, only some saints are permitted to see him, because they are spiritually strong enough.

"Save us O Lord,  from this wicked and perverse generation, both now and forevermore !"
Rd. Daniel

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