Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Video of Old Jordanville

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Subject: A General Sharing: A happy and sad, walk down memory lane: Historic video of Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, before the Lavr Skurla lead betrayal of a large part of ROCOR to the MP, in 2007

This holy place, now subservient to and an arm of the still captive, MP, a pseudo-Russian church, founded by Joseph Stalin in 1943, and still uncanonical and still uncleansed.
Most of the clergy here shown, historic and well respected  leaders of the Russian Church in Exile, as also with many of the laity, are now long departed from this earth. Memory Eternal!

Most did not live to see the 2007 betrayal of all that they stood for and worked for.

This found on:

Higher quality might be available on You Tube


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