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GOC and Matthewites reunification

IMPORTANT NEWS!: On-going efforts at unifying the various Greek Old Calendarist Jurisdictions, Visit of Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili, to Cyprus-

               "May this and all things be blessed by God." 

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Comment: We often hear the ecumenists misquote Holy Scripture, [as the Protestants and Catholics have been doing for centuries],  referring to their neo-pagan and very anti-Orthodox attempts at unifying 'all' into one mega-ecumenist 'church', but in this situation on Cyprus, this scriptural quote really does apply: "That all may be one!"
AMEN!  God grant this unity in the Holy and PURE Orthodox Faith of the Apostles!

.Russian text:

GOC Greece: Visit of Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili to Cyprus.

Author: Archpriest Eugene Korjagin incl. . Published in the CPI Greece (Views: 1)
Tags: CPI Greece
Thus has  began the process of unification between the Church-GOC.of  Greece (Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos) and the GOC Autocephalous Church of  Cyprus, with its Primate Metropolitan of Kition, and the whole of Cyprus and Sevastianom, [the  Matthewite Greek synod] headed by Archbishop Stefan.
The photographs show the initiator of the [recent] union of Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili (the Younger), with the GOC Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos,  in the Cathedral of Cyprus. Friendly relations between the divided Greek Old Calendarists (eg 'matfeevitam'i and 'Florinites'),...i.e. the Mathewites and the Florinites,  were existing from the time of the late SIR Metropolitan Cyprian, who had repeatedly met with the late Archbishop Andrew (vozglavitel "matfeevitov" in the 90s).
Let us pray for the fathers, the brothers and sisters that the Lord God will help heal the wounds of division and unite us in a common love and faith.

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