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Odessa parish provides necessities for the needy

Archangel Michael Parish in Odessa continues to help those in need-but they need the help of whomever can, to support this work

ROCA: Archangel Michael Parish in Odessa continues to help those in need, despite the rapid rise in prices

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. February 27, 2015. Posted in Monitoring (Views: 6)
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  With the blessing of the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Metropolitan Agafangel, in the temple of the Holy Archangel Michael in Odessa there has begun a distributing of food packages for single and low-income elderly residents.  
  This is reported by the Internet newspaper "The View from Odessa," said Assistant of the Odessa Diocese of the ROCOR, Mother Raphael.

Helping those in need on the part of the Church, cannot  cease, despite the economic crisis in Ukraine and the sharp rise in the prices of many products.

"Today, we began distributing food packages. We are doing it once a month and we intend to help those in need, no matter what. Now elderly people are especially hit hard. After their payments of their utility services bills,  from their pensions, they do not even have enough money left to buy food to eat, not to mention for their other basic necessary things, "- said  Mother Raphael.

She also mentioned that the continued distribution of humanitarian aid to orphanages and boarding schools in the Odessa region, goes on. 

And we do not forget in the Odessa Diocese of  ROCOR, the spiritual education of the younger generation. Weekly, on Saturday at the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, our  Church School hosts meetings. In addition children receive a gift issued with the blessing of the First Hierarch of the ROCOR (illustrated with photographs from the life of the church) from The Law of God [ Zakon Bozie]. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Solidarity with Russia

On this sad one year's date, at this start of Lent, of Putin's invasion of Ukraine: Human-English translation: 
On A Response to the Address by Representatives of the Russian Emigration entitled, 'Solidarity with Russia'

*Thank you brother Vladimir in Sofia, for this translation:

Original Russian text, with the following comments: ( 4 as of today)-

Sergey A. Khazanov-Pashkovsky. In response to the Address by Representatives of the Russian Emigration, entitled:  "Solidarity with Russia."
Author: Internet Sobor, incl. on February 17, 2015. Posted in Author's column (Views: 268)

At the end of last year, there was running in public in Russia an address by a group of Russian émigrés entitled, "Solidarity with Russia" (put out at the time of the start of the Ukrainian tragedy), which also got published in many of the  European mass media and which  received great attention and responses spip.php? article71 .

Placed under the said address, are the signatures  of representatives of some famous aristocratic families of old Imperial Russia, whose ancestors played a significant role in the history of our Motherland. The Princes Baryatinskys, Shakhovskoys, Bobrinskys, Vorontsovy–Velyaminovys, Volkonskys, Drutsky-Sokolinskys, and the Counts Sheremetevs, Tatishchevs, Kapnist, Tolstoys ...

Among the lesser celebrity signatories, but still rather emblematic figures, one should also note, that of  Alexander Rostislavovich Kolchak – the grandson of White Russia's Supreme Ruler.

However, the list is topped in importance, undoubtedly by His Serene Highness, Prince Alexander Yurevsky – the blood grandson of the Tsar Liberator Alexander II. He spends much time in Russia, taking active part in a number of charitable programs, and he is even considering the possibility of himself moving back  permanently, to his historical homeland.

But let's go back to the signatories of the much-talked-about address. This certainly is a note-worthy group, but the majority of the signatories, despite their noble origins, themselves today lead private lives and are quite far from any active  participation in the public-and-political life of the Russian diaspora, not to mention of present day  Russia itself.

As early as at the very beginning of the address, its signatories claim outright that they consider themselves to be descendants of the White emigration. Rather indicative in this regard is the pointing out of the fact that when 20 years ago till today – in 1994 – the Statement of the "White Emigration against National-Bolshevism" was issued —— whose main message consisted of stating the fact, that it is unacceptable to present or to depict the criminal Soviet regime generated by the Bolshevik coup, as a continuation and as an heir to the historical Russia it had destroyed, as well as for the need to continue to fight for the complete de-communization and de-Sovietization of the country, that would not allow for any conciliatory attitude to the unrepentant  heirs of Russia's destroyers —— among the address signatories, not one person has been found, in relation to this vital issue,  to have signed this present address, for "solidarity with Russia."

It is no secret that the main initiator and compiler of the address was Prince D. M. Shakhovskoy – a man of rather liberal views and at that a full supporter of the current political regime in Russia. His personal views were the ones used to define what is in the address text. Besides, it has become known that the text of the address has at least been co-ordinated with representatives of Russia's [ current] official authorities.

This address is directly linked with the tragic events in Ukraine, but instead of supplying an objective analysis and identifying the true causes of what is actually happening, [in Ukraine or in Russia],  its authors are concisely retelling an untrue version, which – despite the obvious facts – the Kremlin propaganda machine is trying to impose – both in Russia itself and abroad. The address authors demagogically state, "we renounce in no way the defense of those values based on which we have been brought up by our ancestors, who were doomed to exile after the 1917 revolution. We do not refuse to either condemn the criminal acts of the Bolsheviks and their successors, or to deny the historical truth about that terrifying time." However, further on, there follows a statement that completely devalues their  declared intolerance to Bolshevism, – "That, however, does not mean that we can put up with the daily torrent being thrown against us of [our supposed] slander directed against modern Russia, or towards its leadership or towards  its president, which all are being  subjected to sanctions and denigration, which is opposed to  elementary common sense." After all, it is exactly the current Russian political leadership headed by the president, that consistently promotes a line of a go-back [return] to the cult of the Soviet era (even in the annexed Crimea peninsula, where  they have already managed to set up a new monument to Stalin) and which promotes  the suppression of Russian national self-identity. And also the Kremlin-organized and controlled breakaway republics in the South-East of Ukraine, in which are being pursued a policy of aggressive National-Bolshevism, openly honoring communist executioners, using Bolshevik symbols and advocating the restoration in the Donbas of the Soviet legacy. Therefore, words about a "total rejection of the Soviet Union" still remain, alas – only as empty ... words.

A consecutive legend is in the making, which is based on the false notion that "whether red or white, still it is the same, – Russia." Similar sentiments already took place immediately after the end of  WWII, when quite a lot of  Russian émigrés, especially among aristocratic circles, were exposed to the soviet-type of ['Russian'] patriotism. Some of them, being consistent in their actions, had decided, then,  to return to their Motherland, where they had to experience directly in their own persons,  all and any of the  'delights' of the Soviet reality. Their present-day like-minded  followers, despite the "it's all the same" ['все равно'], slogan,  still dо prefer tо not live in Russia,  but to monitor all the "achievements" of the post-Soviet nomenclature, from a safe distance, [abroad]. Like that seminarist for whom, whether it was bread or pie, it  was all the same to him,– and though he said,  "come on, granny, offer me after the main meal,  the pie."

But if the majority of the signatories have put their names under the said address on some sort of formality grounds, as being "against the aggression unfolding against Russia", not getting to the crux of the matter, yet virtually no one from within the old Russian emigration has  spoken critically in relation to this  given inappropriate  address. The exception has been  the person living in Freiburg (Germany), the  great-grandson of the actual Privy Councilor and grandson of a Guards officer who served in the Army of Admiral Kolchak, Baron Alexander von Hahn, who drafted an open letter, in response to this address,  and defended the honor of the Russian name. It was such a dignified and courageous a response that its major theses should be cited. :

"The KGB colonel Putin, who 14 years ago came to power, – von Hahn writes – continues a policy of systematic destruction of Russia. Ostensibly on behalf of the Russian people and for the sake of its national interests, the bloody Chechen war was unleashed, the territory of Georgia was occupied, and the invasion of brotherly, Orthodox Ukraine is underway.

Making Russian people kill each other – that is the aim of the present generation of "Kremlin day-dreamers". Under the guise of restoring a "Russian World", Russia, Russian culture, and the Russian people are being pictured as opposed to Europe; whose  common cultural and spiritual ties – [with the Russian people], were gained  through suffering and labor and blood – these ties are being alleged as disastrous – and being extracted from the vaults of history are fables about the pestilence of the West ['decay-producing West']. The same as seventy years ago, in the times of the  ['Cold'] war-time communism, Moscow threatens the world with total destruction. Decisively and with all  possible certainty, we declare – that these schemes are doomed to failure. The emigration of Russians, – the OGPU [United State Political Department] is sure – will not turn into a permanent foreign residency. for them. Neither 'White' nor 'New', Nor whatever. Just as it will not become, a "vehicle of the policy" of the Kremlin, either.

Our task is to lift the curse of Bolshevism, to hold free and fair elections, to call a Constituent Assembly, and to revive Great Russia in accordance with the will of the Russian people, as well as that of all the peoples of our country. Russia will be free!".

After his open letter already, in an interview, Alexander von Hahn spoke even more eloquently, for the authors of the acclaimed address included, some of whom he knows in person . "The people who have signed this letter are perfectly aware of the emotional charge that their family names and their own  names attach to this letter ... People whom I treat with huge respect, as Dmitry Mikhaylovich Shakhovskoy, an extremely honest man, of a crystal-clear soul, and many many others from that list – these are really Russian people who are undergoing a lot of deep worry and concern  about Russia. But ... once again, the same as it was in the 1920-s and 1930-s, and in the 1940-s, they prove to be involved in a totally incomprehensible fantasy story and development and – of course – they are being used once again in the most brazen, shameless and cynical of ways ...

I cannot imagine anything more criminal and more short-sighted than this kind of a letter. I am very much afraid that the shameful legacy   of this letter shall lie heavily upon, not only upon themselves, but also upon their descendants. Because, regrettably, this is a crime, and this is a betrayal of Russia. I'm very sorry to say these words, but for me it is very difficult to perceive this in any philosophical or abstract terms."
A. von Hahn described the domestic political situation in Russia as follows. "What is happening now is, of course, still another comedy, of the sort which has been  play-acted in Russia over the past 25 years, when the Soviet Union is being remade under any possible banners and under all possible symbols, (adapting) its old communist Bolshevik OGPU-type, NKVD-type habits, in an attempt to thus put across one of the largest covert operations in modern history. No doubt, that country's leadership, which is now in the Kremlin, those people who call themselves the 'Presidents of the Russian Federation and of Russians' and who speak on its behalf, have no – and cannot have any – relevance to Russia. Moreover, they say themselves that they have been embedded there, that is, they have the audacity to publicly admit to the whole world that they are nothing else but a very ordinary gang of criminals and scoundrels who have for 20 years robbed and destroyed the Russian people and do so consistently and do so in such a blatant way that they cover themselves using the name of, the Empire, which they and their teachers were destroying and have kept on  destroying for one hundred years now."

On our part, we fully agree with the stand of Alexander von Hahn and we express the hope that among the Russian White emigration, too, there would still be found worthy representatives who will be able to easily discern the true interests of the Russian people and of the Russian National State from the claims of the current Kremlin authority, which has been  seized by a foreign-birthed clique.
Sergey A. Khazanov-Pashkovsky
February 2015, Saint Petersburg

WARNING: This commenter, Fr. Ignaty Krutkov,  is a pro-Putin propagandist:
-3 # RE: Sergey A. Khazanov-Pashkovsky. In response to the Address by Representatives of the Russian Emigration "Solidarity with Russia." – Fr. Ignaty (Krutkov) 02/21/2015 17:34 hrs
Truly, a man's actions are determined more by one's inner disposition than by external circumstances. The much-respected author of this article has sort of "failed" to note that major content, of which the representatives of the Russian emigration speak: "We are also outraged by the shameful silence by the European official institutions and mass media, on those brutal bombings that the Ukrainian army – supported by military groups under Nazi symbols – makes in Donbass over civilian population and civilian infrastructure sites. This keeping silent is perceived by the authorities in Kiev as providing them with the full right to continue with the killings and destructions. For many months, children and old people are killed or seriously injured, and PoWs are tortured. And now the Kiev government has further introduced a complete blockade (of gas, power [electricity], railways communications, pensions, salaries, medications, functioning of institutions, of hospitals, etc.), so as to finally destroy a region, which has at that been declared an integral part of their territory. And how is one not to condemn the violence perpetrated by supporters of Kiev against the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine ?! Priests are persecuted, forced to flee and even killed; fifty temples have been bombed, twenty of which – completely destroyed; the faithful are persecuted. Where in this are the European values?
Despite the complete unacceptance of the Soviet Union, our fathers and grandfathers endured grave sufferings, allotted to the Russian people during WWII. In our turn, we, too, will not remain indifferent and silent witnesses in the face of the systematic destruction of the population of Donbass, of blatant Russophobia and hypocritical methods, [which are] completely contrary to the interests of our beloved Europe. We would very much like to hope that the countries that at the time gave shelter to our families shall again take the road of prudence and unbiasness."

+1 # RE: Sergey A. Khazanov-Pashkovsky. In response to the Address by Representatives of the Russian Emigration "Solidarity with Russia." – Eugene 22.02.2015 7:22 hrs.
Dear Fr. Ignaty,

I would like to draw your attention to the one-sided interpretation of events that has been made by the authors of the quote you've cited above:

Let's take even the first proposal: "We are also outraged by the shameful silence by the European official institutions and mass media, on those brutal bombings that the Ukrainian army – supported by military groups under Nazi symbols – makes in Donbass over civilian population and civilian infrastructure sites."

I think that after the attack at Debaltsevo and Mariupol by the DPR (and those with them) this same phrase can be written in this way: "We are also outraged by the shameful silence by the Russian official institutions and mass media, on those brutal bombings that the DPR army – supported by military groups under Bolshevik symbols – makes in Donbass over civilian population and civilian infrastructure sites."

If we add to this that both sides speak the Russian language, then it will become clear that the letter is not meant to support the Russian people and protect the civilian population, but is meant to support the Putin regime, whose interests differ at this stage significantly from the interests of the Russian people.

I can easily assume that the majority of the signatories cannot even imagine what Mr. Putin is proper, so it must have been quite easy to obtain their signatures ....

Сергей А. Хазанов-Пашковский.В ответ на Обращение представителей Русской Эмиграции «Солидарность с Россией».

Автор: Интернет Собор вкл. 17 Февраль 2015. Опубликовано в Авторская колонка (Просмотров: 268)
В конце минувшего года в России стало известно об Обращении группы русских эмигрантов под названием «Солидарность с Россией» (в час украинской трагедии), которое было опубликовано во многих европейских средствах массовой информации и имело большой резонанс
Под указанным Обращением стоят подписи представителей известных аристократических фамилий Царской России, чьи предки играли значительную роль в истории нашего Отечества. Князья Барятинские, Шаховские, Бобринские, Воронцовы-Вельяминовы, Волконские, Друцкие-Соколинские, Графы Шереметевы, Татищевы, Капнист, Толстые…
Среди менее родовитых подписантов, но весьма символичных фигур, следует также отметить Александра Ростиславовича Колчака – внука Верховного Правителя Белой России.
Однако первое место по значимости без сомнения принадлежит Светлейшему Князю Александру Юрьевскому – родному правнуку Царя Освободителя Александра II. Он много времени проводит в России, активно участвует в целом ряде благотворительных программ, и даже рассматривает возможность переезда на постоянное жительство на свою историческую родину.
Но вернемся к подписавшим нашумевшее Обращение. Это безусловно достойная публика, но подавляющее большинство подписантов, несмотря на свое знатное происхождение, ведет частную жизнь и весьма далеко от участия в общественно-политической жизни Русской диаспоры, не говоря уже о самой России.
Уже в самом начале Обращения подписавшие его прямо заявляют, что относят себя к потомкам Белой эмиграции. Весьма показательно в этой связи указать на то обстоятельство, что когда ровно 20 лет назад – в 1994 году вышло Заявление «Белой Эмиграции против национал-большевизма», главный посыл которого состоял в том, что недопустимо представлять порожденный большевистским переворотом преступный советский режим продолжателем и наследником разрушенной им исторической России, а также в необходимости борьбы за полную декоммунизацию и десоветизацию страны, не допускающей примирительного отношения к нераскаявшимся наследникам погубителей России, – среди подписавших его не нашлось ни одного лица, кто поставил подпись под нынешним Обращением о «солидарности с Россией».  
Не является секретом, что главным инициатором и составителем Обращения выступил Князь Д.М. Шаховской – человек весьма либеральных взглядов и при этом всецело поддерживающий нынешний политический режим в России. Его личные взгляды и определили текст Обращения. Кроме того стало известно, что текст Обращения по крайней мере был согласован с представителями официальных властей России.
Обращение напрямую связано с трагическими событиями на Украине, но вместо того, чтобы дать объективный анализ и выявить причины происходящего, его авторы конспективно пересказывают версию, которую, вопреки очевидным фактам пытается навязать пропагандистская машина Кремля – как в самой России, так и за ее пределами. Авторы Обращения демагогически заявляют: «мы ни в коей мере не отказываемся от защиты тех ценностей, на которых нас воспитывали наши предки, обреченные на изгнание после революции 1917 года. Мы не отказываемся ни от осуждения преступных деяний большевиков и их преемников, ни от восстановления исторической правды о том страшном времени». Однако далее следует заявление, которое полностью обесценивает декларируемую непримиримость к большевизму, – «Но это не значит, что мы можем смириться с ежедневно обрушивающейся на нас клеветой в адрес современной России, ее руководства и ее президента, которых подвергают санкциям и смешивают с грязью вопреки элементарному здравому смыслу». Ведь именно нынешнее российское политическое руководство во главе с президентом последовательно проводит линию на возвращение культа советской эпохи (даже в присоединенном Крыму уже успели установить памятник Сталину) и подавлении русского национального самосознания. Да и организованные и контролируемые Кремлем самопровозглашенные республики на Юго-Востоке Украины проводят политику агрессивного национал-большевизма, открыто чтят коммунистических палачей, используют большевистскую символику и выступают за восстановление на Донбассе советского наследия. Посему слова о «полном неприятии Советского Союза» остаются, увы – только словами.
Создается очередная легенда, в основу которой положена ложная идея, что «красная или белая, все равно – Россия». Подобные настроения уже имели место сразу после окончания 2-й Мировой войны, когда немало русских эмигрантов, в первую очередь среди аристократических кругов, были подвержены совпатриотизму. Некоторые их них, будучи последовательными в своих действиях, решили вернуться на Родину, где им пришлось на собственной шкуре испытать все прелести советской действительности. Нынешние их последователи, несмотря на «все равно» все же предпочитают жить не России, – и за всеми «достижениями» постсоветской номенклатуры наблюдать со стороны. Как тот семинарист, для которого что хлеб, что пирог было все равно – однако «давай, бабушка, все-таки пирога».
Но если большинство подписантов поставили свое имя под указанным Обращением по формальным соображениям «против разворачивающейся агрессии в адрес России», не вникая глубоко в суть вопроса, то практически никто из числа старой русской эмиграции не высказался критически по отношению к данному неуместному Обращению. Исключение составил проживающий во Фрайбурге (Германия) правнук действительного тайного советника и внук гвардейского офицера, служившего в Армии адмирала Колчака, барон Александр фон Ган, который подготовил открытое письмо и защитил честь русского имени. Это был настолько достойный и мужественный ответ, что его главные его тезисы следует процитировать.
«Пришедший 14 лет назад к власти полковник КГБ Путин, – констатирует фон Ган, – продолжает политику систематического уничтожения России. Якобы от имени русского народа и во имя его национальных интересов была развязана кровавая Чеченская война, оккупирована территория Грузии, продолжается вторжение на территорию братской, православной Украины.
Заставить русских людей убивать друг друга – вот цель нынешнего поколения “кремлёвских мечтателей”. Под вывеской “Русского Мира” Россию, русскую культуру, русский народ противопоставляют Европе; общие, трудом и кровью выстраданные культурные и духовные связи объявляют пагубными — из запасников истории извлечены басни о тлетворности Запада. Как и семьдесят лет назад, во времена военного коммунизма, Москва грозит миру тотальным уничтожением. Решительно и со всей возможной уверенностью заявляем — эти планы обречены на провал. Зарубежной резидентурой ОГПУ эмиграция, уверены, не станет. Ни Белая, ни Новая, никакая. Как не станет она и “проводником политики” Кремля.
Наша задача — снятие проклятия большевизма, проведение свободных и честных выборов, созыв Учредительного Собрания, возрождение Великой России в соответствии с волей русского народа, равно как и всех народов, населяющих нашу Родину. Россия будет свободной!».
Уже после своего открытого письма, во время одного интервью Александр фон Ган высказался еще более красноречиво, в том числе и по адресу авторов нашумевшего Обращения, с некоторыми из которых он знаком лично «Люди, которые подписали это письмо, прекрасно осознают тот эмоциональный заряд, который их фамилии и их имена этому письму придают… Люди, к которым я отношусь с колоссальным трепетом, Дмитрий Михайлович Шаховской, человек чрезвычайно честный, кристальной души, и многие другие из этого списка – это действительно русские люди, которые очень переживают за Россию. Но… в очередной раз, как это было и 20-е, и в 30-е, и в 40-е года, они оказываются вовлечены в совершенно непонятную историю и, конечно, использованы в очередной раз самым наглым, беспардонным и циничным образом…
Ничего более преступного и более близорукого, чем подобного рода письма, я себе представить не могу. Я очень боюсь, что печать этого письма ляжет не только на них самих, но и на их потомков. Потому что это преступление, это предательство России, к сожалению. Мне очень жаль говорить эти слова, но мне очень сложно воспринимать это в терминах философских и отвлеченных».
            Внутриполитическую ситуацию в России А. фон Ган охарактеризовал следующим образом. «То, что происходит сейчас, конечно, – это еще одна комедия, из тех, которые разыгрываются в России последние 25 лет, когда Советский Союз переделывается под всеми возможными знаменами и под всеми возможными символами, (приспосабливая) свои коммунистические старые большевистские огпушные, нквдшные повадки, пытаясь таким образом провернуть одну из крупнейших операций прикрытия в современной истории. Безусловно, никакого отношения то руководство страны, которое сейчас в Кремле, те люди, которые называют себя президентами Российской Федерации или России и говорят от ее имени, к России не имеют и иметь не могут. Более того, они сами заявляют о том, что они внедрены туда, то есть они имеют наглость публично признавать перед всем миром, что они ни что иное, как самая обыкновенная банда преступников и негодяев, которые 20 лет грабят и уничтожают Русский народ и делают это последовательно и делают это таким наглым образом, что прикрывают себя именем Империи, которую они и их учителя уничтожали и продолжают уничтожать сто лет уже».
Со своей стороны мы вполне согласимся с позицией Александра фон Гана и выразим надежду, что и среди Русской Белой эмиграции еще найдутся достойные представители, которые без труда смогут различить подлинные интересы Русского народа и Национального Русского Государства от притязаний захватившей власть чужеродной клики.
Сергей А. Хазанов-Пашковский
февраль 2015 года, Санкт-Петербург


-3 # RE: Сергей А. Хазанов-Пашковс кий.В ответ на Обращение представителей Русской Эмиграции «Солидарность с Россией». — о.Игнатий (Крутков) 21.02.2015 17:34
Вот уж действительно, действия человека обусловлены более внутренними расположениями, чем внешними обстоятельствам и. От уважаемого автора этой статьи как-то "ускользнуло" то основное содержание , о чем говорят представители Русской эмиграции: " Нас также возмущает позорное замалчивание европейскими официальными инстанциями и СМИ, тех жестоких бомбардировок, которые украинская армия, поддерживаемая военными группировками под нацистской символикой, обрушивает в Донбассе на мирное население и объекты гражданской инфраструктуры. Такое замалчивание воспринимается киевскими властями как предоставление им полного права на продолжение убийств и разрушений. Многие месяцы дети и старики гибнут или получают тяжелые увечья, а пленные подвергаются пыткам. А теперь киевское правительство ввело еще и полную блокаду (на газ, электричество, железнодорожное сообщение, пенсии, зарплаты, лекарства, деятельность учреждений, больниц и т.д.), чтобы окончательно уничтожить регион, объявляемый при этом составной частью своей территории. И как не осудить насилие, чинимое сторонниками Киева в отношении Русской Православной Церкви на Украине?! Священников преследуют, принуждают к бегству и даже убивают; разбомблены полсотни храмов, из которых двадцать разрушены полностью; верующие подвергаются гонениям. Где тут европейские ценности?
Несмотря на полное неприятие Советского Союза, наши отцы и деды тяжело переживали страдания, выпавшие на долю русского народа во Второй мировой войне. В свою очередь и мы не останемся равнодушными и молчаливыми свидетелями перед лицом планомерного уничтожения населения Донбасса, вопиющей русофобии и лицемерных подходов, полностью противоречащих интересам любимой нами Европы. Очень хотим надеяться, что страны, приютившие в свое время наши семьи, вновь встанут на путь благоразумия и беспристрастнос ти."
+1 # RE: Сергей А. Хазанов-Пашковс кий.В ответ на Обращение представителей Русской Эмиграции «Солидарность с Россией». — Eugene 22.02.2015 07:22
Дорогой о.Игнатий,

Хочу обратить Ваше внимание на одностороннюю трактовку событий, допущенную авторами в приведенной Вами цитате:

Возьмем хотя бы первое предложение: " Нас также возмущает позорное замалчивание европейскими официальными инстанциями и СМИ, тех жестоких бомбардировок, которые украинская армия, поддерживаемая военными группировками под нацистской символикой, обрушивает в Донбассе на мирное население и объекты гражданской инфраструктуры."

Думаю, что после штурма Дебальцево и Мариуполя силами ДНР (и иже с ними) ту же самую фразу можно написать как: "Нас также возмущает позорное замалчивание российскими официальными инстанциями и СМИ, тех жестоких бомбардировок, которые армия ДНР, поддерживаемая военными группировками под большевистской символикой , обрушивает в Донбассе на мирное население и объекты гражданской инфраструктуры."

Если к этому добавить, что обе стороны конфликта говорят на Русском языке, то станет понятно, что письмо направленно не на поддержку русского народа и не на защиту мирного населения, а на поддержку режима Путина, интересы которого на данном этапе существенно отличаются от интересов русского народа.

Легко могу допустить, что большинство подписантов не представляют себе что из себя представляет г-н Путин, поэтому и было так легко получить их подписи....
    Vladimir Djambov, Eng
    00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
    00359.2.855.62.62 - H
    En <> Bg translation, interpreting


    Saturday, February 21, 2015

    start of Great Lent

    At this start of Great Lent, Through Disobedience to the Good God, The Original Sin of Adam, Our Forefather, and the Consequence-The Expulsion from Paradise of Adam and Eve


    Friday, February 20, 2015

    White House prioritizes Muslim complaints over Christian lives

    NYC Mayor blasts 0bama

    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    Icon of the Martyrdom of St. Ignatius the Godbearer

    taken off desktop

    taken directly from email

    Sick to death of Muslims

     Yes, many of us Americans are getting sick to death! of Moslems here, forcing their dreadful anti-Christian and anti-Western values, upon us, and then telling us to 'shut up!'-

    My added comment: I truly think that it is overdue in America, for Congress to re-define Islam as not a valid religion - which such true benign religions of all sorts, are protected under our constitution, but rather, as an illegal, criminal and forbidden foreign terrorist organization. IsIam, in any and of all its forms or divisions, should be forbidden in America.

    All Moslems here now, should be told: either you convert to one of our boni fide American approved genuine... non-terrorist and peaceful socially beneficial religions, or...leave our country. And all your mosques should be turned into churches, synagogues or Buddhist temples.

    HOW DARE you!, ugly and vile and intolerant violent and evil Islamic rascals come to our country, and arrogantly try to force your alien and dreadful anti-human Islamic teachings on us all.. protected by our American constitutional freedoms of religion and of speech, [none of which exist in your rotten Moslem homelands!],  .. even while you continue, from the beginnings of your murderous false prophet Muhammad till this very moment,  to oppress and persecute and murder Christians, Jews, and each other and any other non-Muslims,  in your disgusting morally depraved Neanderthal native homelands.  PLEASE GO BACK to where you came from and SOON!  Go and kill each other off, over there.

    WHY SHOULD WE, here, in our country, any longer, TOLERATE YOU?

    You are the proverbial 'vipers in our bosoms'.

    Who among you, will commit the next terrorist acts against this country, while you are living here?. We cannot any longer trust any one of you.. Pack up your belongings, sell your homes and properties, clean out your bank accounts, and buy your plane or boat way, back to your native lands.

    And, God-speed on your departures, which will be a heavenly blessing on America 

    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: ( )
    To: ( )
    Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 8:00 PM
    Subject: GO, MICHIGAN STATE !


      Very interesting -- the University is standing by their professor  
    and not bowing down to special interest groups!

     Professor Wichman E-mail
     Claim:    A Michigan
    professor sent an e-mail telling Muslim 
    > students to leave the country.
    Status:   True.
     The story begins at Michigan State University
    with a mechanical  
    engineering professor named Indred Wichman.
     Wichman sent an e-mail to the Muslim Student's Association.
     The e-mail was in response to the students' protest of the Danish  
    cartoons that portrayed the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist.
     The group had complained the cartoons were 'hate speech.'
     Enter Professor Wichman.
     In his e-mail, he said the following:
     Dear Muslim Association,
     As a professor of Mechanical Engineering here at MSU I intend to  
    protest your protest.
     I am offended not by cartoons, but by more mundane things like  
    beheadings of civilians, cowardly attacks on public buildings,  
    suicide murders, murders of Catholic priests (the latest in Turkey),  
    burnings of Christian churches, the continued persecution of Coptic  
     Christians in Egypt, the imposition of Sharia law on non-Muslims,  
    the rapes of Scandinavian girls and women (called 'whores' in your  
    culture), the murder of film directors in Holland, and the rioting  
    and looting in Paris France.
     This is what offends me, a soft-spoken person and academic, and  
    many, many of my colleagues.   I counsel you dissatisfied,  
    aggressive, brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Muslims to be very  
    aware of this as you proceed with your  
    infantile 'protests.'
     If you do not like the values of the West - see the First Amendment  
    - you are free to leave. I hope for God's sake that most of you  
    choose that option.
     Please return to your ancestral homelands and build them up  
    yourselves instead of troubling Americans.
    S. Wichman
     Professor of Mechanical Engineering
     As you can imagine, the Muslim group at the university didn't like  
    this too well. They're demanding that Wichman be reprimanded, that  
    the university impose mandatory diversity training for faculty, and  
    mandate a seminar on hate and discrimination for all freshmen.
     Now, the local chapter of CAIR has jumped into the fray.
     CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, apparently doesn't  
    believe that the good professor had the right to express his opinion.
     For its part, the university is standing its ground in support of  
    Professor Wichman, saying the e-mail was private, and they don't  
    intend to publicly condemn his remarks.
     Send this to your friends, and ask them to do the same.
     Tell them to keep passing it around until the whole country gets it.
     We are in a WAR.
     This political correctness stupidity is getting old and killing us.
     If you agree with this, please send it to all your friends.
     If not, simply delete it.

    Monday, February 16, 2015

    Two New Nuns are Professed

    In the Women's Monastery of St. John of San Francisco and Shanghai, At Egorovka, Ukraine, Two New Nuns are Professed

    And, may God grant them and their entire sisterhood, MANY YEARS!

    found on:

    ROCA: In the Ioannovsky Women's Monastery was committed the monastic profession of two nuns-(PHOTOS)

    Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. February 14, 2015. Published in the ROCA (Views: 13)
    Metropolitan Agafangel on Saturday, February 14, in the women's monastery of St. John, in the  Odessa diocese (under Mother Abbess Alexandria ) at the All-Night Vigil on the eve of the Meeting of the Lord, bestowed the veil and the monastic  mantle, upon the  nun Martha, now re-named  John (in honor of St. John Maksimovic) and  the nun Gabriel, now re-named Filaret (in honor of St. Philaret Voznesensky).

    Friday, February 13, 2015

    THANK GOD! Oregon's leftist Governor RESIGNED!

    THANK GOD! Oregon's leftist Governor (retired Physician), John Kitshaber has just now, this moment, officially RESIGNED!  

    Glory to God!..(Docter), [ because of too high taxes and too many state regulations and intense governmental agencies' interference in businesses, etc....i.e. 'an unfriendly and anti-business climate'.] John Kitshaber, just recently re-elected, and just sworn in,  for his Fourth Term as Governor of Oregon!,  and his tyrannical far-leftist demo party in power in Salem, has destroyed the state's economy and ended and driven out of this state, how many many local jobs, and has influenced  new outside businesses who have wanted to come here, to decide to NOT come here,  and has impoverished countless average and lower income Oregonians, while constantly making more odious over-government regulations,  pandering to the extremist wacko 'enviro-nazis', and adding more and more and more punitive laws on all of our heads, and raising the basic cost of living for us all, and adding endless new and higher taxes and state fees and fines...i.e. making lower income people here, live in ever declining dire poverty and/or to have to flee this state for greener pastures elsewhere.
    Born Oregonians are actually the worst group here, as most of them depend entirely on the local job scene, which in much of largely-rural Oregon are few and far between anyway, [ about 70%
     of the land mass of this state is directly owned by the Federal and State governments, and is not private property, while EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THIS STATE, is strictly over-zoned, our so-called, socialistic  'Oregon's Land Use Laws,'... so that normal American 'private property rights' are next to meaningless here, anyway],   
    while retirees from other places who settle here, usually have outside, and dependable incomes,-they are not dependent on the local [ rotten] job scene, etc.

    Another democrat party hack will succeed him, regrettably,  the current democrat Secretary of State, a lady named, Brown, ...but at least he will be gone!...and indeed, John Kitshaber under a dark cloud and with disgrace, a disgrace caused mainly by various publically disturbing actions and misuse of state funds,[ a version of nepotism],  of his live-in, unmarried,  girlfriend, whom he refers to as, 'The First Lady of Oregon '(!)  Truly she has brought him to ruin, and public shame. Even his own democrat party leadership has turned against him.
    When will all  Oregonians here, finally wake up, and boot ALL socialist oriented democrat politicians out?...who have reduced this state to worse and worse poverty.....which seems too, to be the Washington D.C. Obama democrat agenda, on the national level....
    and demand from republicans too, to LISTEN TO US, and serve US and what We want and what We need......the common struggling residents of this state....i.e. to truly SERVE US,... THE PEOPLE...???
    We need the state government to...lower all taxes and destructive regulations on our private property rights, and to stop destroying businesses and STOP STATE TYRANNY over all of us.

    Thursday, February 12, 2015

    About Metr. Vitaly Leaving Synod

    To:  one RTOC priest
    From:  Reader Daniel
    Subject:  Olga Nikitina interview about the events associated with the departure of Met. Vitaly from the building of the Synod, in New York, in 2001

    Dear Fr. (sincere RTOC priest of good character),

    Your understanding of the exact events around Met. Vitasly's retirement, and then his ...abduction... by the Mansonville Schism plotters, is entirely wrong.

    Met. Vitaly ...wanted to retire himself, because his health was failing, which  fact he knew. 
    Thus, he was not 'forced to retire'....  I have heard the personal testimony of many who knew him, and who witnessed what all went on in Synod Headquarters back then, and that is what they have told me.

    And at that time, no one on earth, KNEW what was in the hearts of the pro-MP plotters or their long range schemes, and certainly not Agafangel either.

    About Lavr Schurla, as one major mysterious betraor alone, who could have guessed that that man, whom many considered almost a living SAINT, could have lead that 2007 betrayal to Moscow???

    We are still, to this day, trying to understand his mind and motives back then, and we... cannot fully guess at his mind.

    And, of course, after he returned from that signing the Tomos in Moscow and his victory trip in Russia, to Jordanville, he... conveniently was found dead in his bed soon after, of 'natural causes.'  Was his death natural?... or did the KGB get rid of him,  [as they have a habit of doing, when some useful idiot has served his purpose and is then considered a liability?... to shut his mouth forever], in case he might have changed is mind, or told the world how they probably FORCED him to submit to Moscow?

    Agafangel Pashkovsky has, all his life, been very anti-communist and anti MP.

    So, your negative assessment of him, is entirely wrong.

    Does anyone expect Agafangel... or even the ALL other ROCOR bishops or lower clergy or laity, back then, to have been.... FORTUNE TELLERS?... or who could look inside of men's minds and souls???

    But yes, for the union with the MP plotters, to move forward with their betrayal plans, Vitaly HAD TO BE OUT OF THE WAY .....that was true.  Vitaly was for sure, very strongly against the MP [as was and still is, Agafangel too!].

    Sadly, however, Vitaly.... could not physically continue as ruling metropolitan, because his body and mind were going downhill.  He knew that about himself, painfully well.  HE WANTED TO RETIRE!

    THUS, that whole event, and change of metropolitans, simply played into the hands of the unionist plotters... .which was not clear to most people back then, not at all.

    And too, those who designed the anti-canonical.... Mansonville  schism, had their own evil designs Met. Vitaly, and how THEY planned on taking control of ROCOR, for their own power reasons.  Those people were and are, rascals.  Varnava of Cannes, was one of them.
     So, I ask you... please try to see, that those confused  past events, are far more complicated than you or  some others imagine.... and so are what all is currently going on.

    Regretably,.... the election and enthonement of Lavr, was totally CANONICAL... to the letter of the church laws... BUT...he.....later on.... turned out to be a JUDAS!...yes! (thus, he was not unique in church history, was he?] .....

    The original Judas, also, was at first a disciple of Jesus, but...later... became His betrayer.
    Fr. Siluan, NO ONE THEN KNEW WHAT WAS IN LAVR'S HEART AND MIND!.......only God fact, even now, we can only guess as to his motives.....

    Most of us back then, myself included, considered Lavr as our lawful and proper new ROCOR Metropolitan... as also did Agafangel..... and we considered the rotten and disgusting.... Mansonville schismatics, [who later are called, 3- 4 at war with each other, divisions of "ROCiE"],  as uncanonical rascals... who had.... kidnapped..... old and sick and confused Vitaly, and were USING him for their own EVIL designs, and they expected Vitaly to soon die, and they wanted to replace him with...Varnava  Prokofiev, or another power hungry rascal.  But yes, others, as bp. Michael Donskov, and disgusting Evtichy of Omsk, were also up to their own tricks, that is quite true.  MANY hostile people and forces were working to divide and to destroy the old free-anti-MP ROCOR ...and look!... they have largely succeeded now.

    Rd. Daniel in Oregon

    P.S. When you make judgments based upon false or incomplete.... information, you end up making false conclusions. BEWARE!

    Russian language original:

    Olga Nikitina tells about the events associated with the departure of Metropolitan Vitaly from the building of the Synod in 2001

    Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. February 12, 2015.
    INTERVIEW: The publisher of the journal "The Return" Russian Orthodox Church parishes Olga Nikitina about letters and draft letters Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov), as well as a review of his signature

    "Portal-Credo.Ru":  What do you think  about a recent letter to the fourth pervoiererha ROCOR, Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov) led ROAC Metropolitan Valentine (Rusantsov) ? It is written in the new spelling, but everyone knows that Metropolitan Vitaly was hard supporter of the pre-reform spelling.
    Olga Nikitina:  This is not a letter, and the project is quite well-known letter in my archives contain a copy, sent another fax. But then it is not "fired" does not become a sensation, because at that time, you know, Metropolitan Vitaly was subjected to such tests, betrayal and persecution so that everything that happens sometimes perceived nightmare.

    Church Abroad, thanks to the efforts of some bishops adopted a new, irrevocable course toward union with the MP. Talks about the most actively conducted since 1994. In 2000 there was a "treacherous" Cathedral, which confirmed the readiness of the majority of the episcopate of the ROCA to connect to the "mother church." The only obstacle remained Metropolitan. The Synod could not wait when he finally dies, and took decisive action to unseat him from his post as First Hierarch of ROCOR.

    History is fairly well known, and we will not repeat it again and go back to the letter. It came at a time when it was expelled from the Synod of long-term assistant and secretary of Metropolitan Lyudmila Rosniansky which is rigidly monitored any walkers and made it impossible to appear in some questionable projects signed by Metropolitan Vitaly. He is a year before the events taking place in the Synod injury occurred - broken collarbone, he would not know right hand, take pain medicine, and of course, given his age, was very unprepared for such shocks. He decided to leave the building of the Synod that housed his chambers.

    His discouraged Synod bishops, they do not want a scandal, still less they would like such a turn of events, as the occurrence of Mansovillskogo Synod led by Metropolitan disgraced.

    In the Synodal yard in New York Metropolitan Vitaly has his supporters expect different. The closest is about. Vladimir Shishkov, which offers your car and takes Metropolitan without calotte, confused and dazed, into the house.

    In the photo : Metropolitan Vitaly in the synodal yard while trying to leave the Synod. Right on. Vladimir Shishkov

    At home about. Vladimir Guest - Metropolitan Valentine (Rusantsov), or simply traveling across America, or who came to surgery, it does not matter. The important thing is that by using this moment, Mmitropolitu urgently advised to write some proclamation or message that he must regain power and fix the most glaring.
    Prepared a project in which each adds something "its". So there is a section on the "mercy" of Metropolitan Valentine.

    - Said during the meeting, Metropolitan Vitaly asked the Metropolitan  Valentine: "Why do you rarely appear at the meetings of the Synod?" And this is many years after the break with the ROCOR Suzdal.
    - Yes, it is noted by all present at the meeting. In such a shock in what was the Metropolitan, every good part of his calm, gave some hope. So - no surprise. And then, he was the first Metropolitan not say like that. As it was with the congregation, which he for some reason, have not seen for a long time in the service of the Synodal temple
    - Throughout the project a lot of mistakes that Metropolitan Vitaly would not do. "On your recognition and your hierarchy as brothers in Christ", "three of whom quite significant," and so forth., Plus strange punctuation. Or it says: "The Metropolitan Kyprianos" - and in another letter he writes correctly, "Cyprian" -  here, for example .

    - And a number of other annoying revolutions. Firstly, it is a project, and I know one of the authors, for it is "very competent". Second, the Metropolitan of the text had nothing to do. He may agree with everything that was said to him, but, I repeat, was in such a state in which the letter is not written. In addition, not only to write a letter to his whole hand, but even sign he could not. Hand still perform poorly. Facsimile signature is, or rather, copied from one of the previous messages. The authors of the letter have tried to make it look like the well-known around the encyclical, Metropolitan of 9/22 June 2001

    - What was the fate of this message? Was the final text, and not the project?

    - Yes, there was. Here is the final version of the letter of Metropolitan,  the first page  and  second page . The same date, similar text, but as you can see, much of it is corrected, and the text typed in the pre-reform spelling. Sign the draft Metropolitan could not. He has always worked on the proposed text itself, eliminating all, do not agree with. The first option, he could not even sign because it impossible to style and some special confusion.

    Furthermore, once a home. Shishkov Metropolitan was taken by car to Canada. And then there was the first "detective" story. Of the Synod, to prevent the abduction of the Metropolitan, a Canada Border Services Send a message to the machine with such a lucky number drugs. But supporters of the Metropolitan apparently learned about it. And from the Canadian side went up to meet another car with different numbers. It transplanted the Metropolitan, and he happily goes to his Mansonville. A parked car and its owner, Canadian border guards were subjected to scrutiny, but after a while, with apologies released. Approximately so told me this story at live events, one of the participants in this operation ... When we all gathered in Mansoville, as you know, the same project could not stay, and even more so - paragraph 2 b (of Metropolitan Valentine) .. .

    And I do not understand that changes the text of the draft, what is its undoubted value?

    - Some see this text as repentance Metropolitan Vitaly for their mistakes. For example, in the history of Metropolitan Valentine (Rusantsov).

    - Well, if it convinces some and pleases, let, of course ... I just do not understand, Metropolitan Vitaly itself of some of their arguments decided defrocked Archbishop Valentine and broke off relations with the ROAC? It's synodal decision, and if it is wrong, it is a common mistake ROCA episcopate. Metropolitan is not entitled to fix anything, can only bring their personal sincere assurances that he was wrong. But in another formulation of the project. And a letter written on behalf of the First Hierarch.

    Paragraph 2 b, apparently (and more in that moment there was no one) is included in the project about. Vladimir Shishkov. I do not think that Metropolitan Valentine is needed. He was a practical, intelligent man, get useful practice in the arms of the MP, it would thus receive rehabilitation of ... who? Metropolitan Vitaly just shifted. He had no authority when viewed from the standpoint of practical reasoning. In my opinion, it was just a sympathetic gesture on. Vladimir Shishkov distinguished guest.

    - But that's another story, though similar in design: in fact, and in another case, tried to take advantage of the physical weakness of man. Metropolitan Vitaly generally valued and respected Bishop Lazarus for his mistrust of the Bolshevik regime in Russia, for the anguish of persecution. Bishop Lazarus break with the ROCOR and further education of the new association, known as RTOC, of ​​course, was painful for him. But in Mansonville were forces that set themselves to get rid of Bishop Lazarus, then bishop of N, from the Archbishop of NN and so on, according to the prediction svt. John of Shanghai "Our church is small, but clean as crystal." "Its' reading of the covenant of the Saint and was a factor in accelerating the collapse Mansonvilskogo Synod and the marginalization of its balance after the death of Metropolitan Vitaly.

    With the letter, however, also partly "Detective". Project (or draft) messages arbitrarily picks up a woman served in the monastery of the Russian Federation and transmits it to Odessa: it's done. Yet in the first case. All with a touch of whether evil intentions, whether ordinary naive desire to correct the incorrigible.

    In the photo : the left of the Metropolitan Vitaly assistant of the Russian Federation illegally smuggle unfinished letter to Bishop Lazarus
    Interviewed nun Xenia for " Portal-Credo.Ru "

    Internet Sobor Comments   

    # RE: Olga Nikitina tells about the events associated with the departure of Metropolitan Vitaly from the building of the Synod in 2001 - Metropolitan Agafangel 12/02/2015 16:20

    Much could be added, but all of this has already been written.  I would say that the Metropolitan not "pre-planned" to remove from the Synod, by contrast, had a long discussion, where it would be easier to settle.   Remove decided Lyudmila Dmitrievna Rosniansky, because it is completely "monopolizirova la "Metropolitan.  Instead of invited Iwaszewicz Alexander (who left this period of good memories and true). Metropolitan 2 (I think) of the day did not notice the lack of Rosniansky. Phones were switched off around the Synod and communication with the outside world was not.  After a while there was a LD Rosniansky accompanied Fr. Vladimir Shishkov and PN Budzilovicha.  Whether in the Synod was the police, whether she was called, I do not remember. LD Rosniansky told police that the building of the Synod is helpless people who are bullied (not fed, not cure, etc.).  The policeman stood up to the third floor, met with Metropolitan and asked him whether he forcibly held there and whether it has everything you need.  Metropolitan replied that there was no violence against them is not done, no claims he has not.  A police officer came down and said that everything is in order.  Then Rosniansky asked him to convey is. Vitaly that it downstairs and asks him to come down, because it will not let him.  The policeman stood up again and passed. Metropolitan what was downstairs.  Then it tried to persuade the two sides - the bishops and svyaschennosluzhite whether to keep him in the Synod, and LD Rosniansky Fr. Vladimir Shishkov that went with them.  Rosniansky said here combined with the MP and it is nothing to do here.  In the presence of a police officer in the Metropolitan asked where he wants to go.  Metropolitan said: "I am going there" and pointed in the direction of LD Rosniansky.  After that he was allowed unhindered about getting into the car and leave.  In fact, what is (and what) he went out into the street.  This moment was captured on the top photo.