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One picture is worth a thousand words

And the MP, the 'Mother Church' of ROCOR/MP, is not a total tool of the Atheists?

And an old Chinese saying: "One picture is worth a thousand words!"

Russian language original of this article: MORE PHOTOS

The rough machine-English translation:

The cult of personality of Joseph Stalin in Russia becomes a  cult

Author: Council Internet incl. May 29, 2015. Posted in Society (Views: 38)

Worship with the icon, which depicts Generalissimo Joseph Stalin , was held in the Belgorod region (Russia).

It is reported online edition of "The Sign" .
According to information, the ceremony was held on the territory of the Military History Museum "Prokhorovka field", which is part of the so-called "Kursk Bulge".

What happens when you criticize Putin

What happens when you criticize Putin)- Near Death from Poisoning, But this could not be the work of V. Putin!!! (???)

 A warning: The viewer just has to overlook all of the advertisements and items which are not connected to these Putin matters.

But news of Putin having mobile crematoriums to burn up the dead bodies of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, is alone,  quite disturbing. But then, his massive and very effective government propaganda tells the world, that 'there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine!', anyway.
Not only must we feel sympathy and sorrow for all those in Ukraine dying and suffering from Putin's mad military adventures, but also the poor Russian families who are loosing their precious sons, to his insane power delusions, the typical power dreams of all insane dictators in history. Such dictators don't care how many they cause to suffer and die. In fact, they seem to delight in it.

Which brings to mind the pathetic words of another well known dictator, Adolph Hitler, a madman,  to one of his generals, in his Berlin bunker, shortly before he took his own life: His general said to him: "My dear Fuhrer, the German people are suffering terribly!". Hitler's response: "They deserve to suffer, as they were never worthy of me!".

What is the difference with Putin's twisted mind? Russian families are paying the heavy heavy price for his monsterous  world-domination power hungry plans. And when and how will it end? Will there even be any Russia, when he is finished?

But, not to worry!  We are assured by MP clergy spokesmen that: "Vladimir Putin is a sincere Orthodox Christian: he goes to church, he lights candles, he kisses and venerates the holy icons, he crosses himself many times, he takes holy communion, he has a spiritual father who guides him, and he is a defender of the Orthodox, world-wide", etc.

Greek State Government allowing for the Islamization of Greece

A General Sharing: The Leftist Pro-Marxist and Pro-Putin Government in Greece, is allowing for the Islamization of Greece: Thursday, May 21, 2015 Mosque to be built in Athens, Greece - Parliament Amends Law

And this under the pretext of 'inclusive' religious tolerance and liberty, western concepts coming out of a Christian ethos, things which are totally alien to Islam. Islam is a deadly octopus, that once it takes over a nation, strangles all other beliefs and all human freedoms. It enslaves women. While Christians are concerned with giving rescue and shelter and refuge, to the millions of current Moslem refugees, -mostly dying and suffering at the hands of fellow Moslems,  Moslems are slaughtering Christians, and anyone else whom they decide are not permitted to exist in their Koran.
It is therefor interesting, that among some of the first outrages against the Greek Christian population of this pro-Marxist and Pro-Putin government in Athens, headed by an open declared atheist,  to enact, is this.
Those misguided Greeks who so foolishly voted it into power, will come to suffer terribly from its atheist and anti-Greek, evil doings.
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!"...and the opposite is also true: "Cursed is that nation whose god is NOT the Lord!"
Rd. Daniel

While this pro-Marxist and atheist headed Greek government is working to cut off any government aid or subsidies and to thus TAX the Greek Church and its institutions,[ including its many charitable work for the poor],  privileges to the state Greek Church, it is instead, TO PLEASE EU 'religious freedom standards,' voting to change the Greek constitution, to allow Muslim Mosques in Greece....which hitherto were forbidden, since Greece got free from Turk rule.

'Freedom of Religion' in Putin's Russia

'Freedom of Religion' in Putin's Russia today-

 May 25, 2015

Comment: But I am not sure, of the dates of these happenings. One place says 2008, but
then what is happening there today?, have these persecuted believers rebuilt, and if so, where?
The comment below, by Met. Agafangel suggests that he 'heard' that they have rebuilt, and near their original church....but?
These people in Vladivostok, are under one of the divisions of ROCiE, [ a byproduct or off-shoot, of the so-called Mansonville Schism from ROCOR,] it seems, ....under a bishop, 'Vladimir',?... but if he is Vladimir Telescheff, I am not sure. Their bishop may be another one, and not a Vladimir, as ROCiE has 3-4 or more divisions now. Their bishop  may be 'Orlov' in his last name?
Their bishop is shown in one photo, so those who know his face, may recognize him. I cannot.
Rd. Daniel

"Source": this link gives many more photos.

Russian language text of this article on Internet Sobor

Rough machine-English translation:

A holy place was empty. The expulsion of the community ROCA (V) Vladivostok: the visible results of

Written on. Valery Leonichev incl.May 25, 2015. Published in the persecution of believers 

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Old Believer Church transferred to Kundalini Yogis

Former Old Believer Church, in Moscow, Given/'Transferred to' "Kundalini Yoga" group-

Russian language original article, posted on

Question: Are we really supposed to believe, that the congregation of this church, has willingly given up their church to this Yoga organization??? That is unimaginable.

Rough machine-English translation:

New Moscow home for Kundalini Yoga

May 28, 2015. Posted in Other riligii (Views: 13)
Written on. Valery Leonichev incl.
Old Believer church in the Small Gavrikovo Lane (m.Baumanskaya) d. Moscow transferred to the Federation of Teachers of Kundalini Yoga!

Dear friends and members of the Federation, you know that since November 2013, we plan to move the Federation of Kundalini Yoga Teachers. Finally, by the grace of the Guru, it happened! We have found a new home, allowing us to move into a new phase of existence Federation. 

Our new address is: Moscow, Small Gavrikov Pereulok. 29. The building where we are now - the former Old Believers Church. This space has an incredibly strong energy. Be sure to come to recharge! We Build Temples YOGA now at our disposal, there are four rooms on two floors: office and shop - at one and the Gurudwara with tea - on the other. The tea zone is the space for the kitchen, so that we can prepare their own meals. Offices and shops will be operational from next week. In the Gurudwara and tea will be renovated before the summer. Therefore, these six weeks Federation space will not be available for meetings of small groups, joint meditation and other activities. But in late May, we'll have fun housewarming party, which will be glad to see you all! "

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Translation of Relics of St. Philaret

*From witnesses to this event: and thanks to Very Reverend Fr. Andrew Kencis, in Edmonton, Alberta, and Monastery Press-

The following is an informal account from a believer about the
translation of the remains of Metropolitan Philaret:

"On the third of November, 1998 (O.S.), the coffin of Vladika Metropolitan Philaret was opened in the presence of some priests. I spoke with two of these priests.

They found Vladika's body all covered with a white substance. There was some white mold on the clothes. When they cleaned off this white mold they found the face and hands of Vladika to be completely intact. It was even noted that the body and the skin were in better shape and lighter in color than Vladika John's of Shanghai. The priest washed his hands and face with water and wine. He said that you could see the veins under the skin; and his beard was completely soft. His face was recognizable; even his mouth, which had a little paralysis on the left could be seen. They saw a part of the leg which was also completely intact and soft. They didn't look through the whole body because this is needed to be done by a commission appointed by a decision of the Synod.

What really surprised them was that the material in the coffin surrounding the body was still shining white. A funeral director remarked about this that usually after the third year this material turns black. The vestments of Vladika were shining and bright. The prayer rope in his hand, a green chotki, was like brand new. The piece of paper in the hand (Prayer of Absolution), had no mold and was very clean like fresh paper. On his mitre were paper icons that were bright and had no signs of fading or disintegration. The cloth that covered his face (which is put over the Holy Gifts on the Altar table), was also bright, like brand new.

One thing was affected by decay. The metal clasps on the Gospel were corroded and went to pieces when touched. This is important to note. It was being said by some that the reason for the incorruption of Vladika's body was due to the cold place, "like a refrigerator", in which his coffin had been laid . But the funeral director said that this is not the case at all. The metal parts which were corroded show the condition of the moisture in the coffin. The paper, the fabrics inside the coffin, and the body of Vladika were not affected.

Another point of note was the coffin of Vladika. It was painted black with a white cross. It was like brand new, as if it had been painted yesterday. There were no signs of rotting. The same was true of the mantia covering Vladika's body. It was clean and shining. One person who was there noted that a button on the mantia was corroded by the moisture.
I asked one of the priests what was the feeling when the coffin was opened. He said it was very peaceful, very calm, very solemn.

Then Vladika Laurus came and put a seal on the coffin. After that pannikhidas were served each day during that week, from Monday to Friday. I was there a couple of times. When people venerated his coffin they said they felt it was not an ordinary coffin; they felt some special grace there.

On Friday, the 8th of November (O.S.), the coffin was taken to the main church. It was a rainy day. There were lots of people in the church. A pannikhida was served. The coffin was put in the middle of the church at the beginning of the service, then it was put to the side, on the right, near where the confessions are usually heard. I noticed many people were coming with candles to the coffin and venerating it all during the service.

The next morning, Saturday, the Feast of the Archangel Michael and All Angels, there were about 300 people in church. There were about 30 clergy serving; there was Vladika Laurus, about eleven deacons, and the rest were priests.
At the Liturgy, Fr. Valery Lukianov gave the homily. He remarked on the last words found in Metropolitan Philaret's typewriter: "...hold that fast which thou hast...", (Rev. 3:11). Father Valery said that this is what we must do; to obey and be truthful to the Faith of the Church. He said that maybe Vladika wasn't so good an administrator, but he was a great man of prayer and a true faster. After Liturgies, they would gather to eat and Vladika wouldn't eat after all these services, just have some tea. A few times he would have a little something, but he would eat like a bird. This would surprise everybody because of all his praying and serving. Where did he get such strength?

He told how Vladika was a very merciful man. He helped many people. He helped many people with money and nobody knew about it; he did it in secret. Fr. Valery knew of one woman who came to Vladika; she was broke, with two children, whose husband had abandoned them. Vladika helped her. When Vladika was in his coffin, this same woman was there standing by his coffin, weeping with tears of gratitude for what he had done for her and her children.

Vladika was a very educated man, theologically, and knew the Fathers of the Church very well. Vladika's teaching against ecumenism was rooted in his knowledge of the teachings of the Fathers; it wasn't made up on his own. The greatest events took place while he was Metropolitan. He oversaw the glorification of many Saints: in 1981, the glorification of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, including the Royal Martyrs, also St. Herman of Alaska, Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg, and St. John of Kronstadt. These are truly significant events.

Vladika loved children and young people. At Synod he would have tea parties for boys and girls. He would invite them to talk and discuss things about Church life and the Bible. He truly loved the young generation and cared for their souls. There are many now (no longer young), who can remember how Vladika paid attention to them. He was very calm and very prayerful. He really was a great man of prayer. This and many more things did Father Valery say in his sermon.
After the Divine Liturgy, there was a Pannihkida. Vladika Laurus came out and spoke a few words then. What he said really surprised everybody. Many people who came were disappointed that the coffin was not opened. Some people came to Vladika Laurus to ask him about this. Vladika said that today, once more, we are saying "good-bye" to Vladika Philaret. He was a great man and he was sure that he will be glorified. He explained to the people, who were sorrowful that the coffin was not opened the reasons for this. There are some who felt that the coffin should be buried; let soil go back to soil. If he would open the coffin now it would already be like a veneration of relics and this shouldn't be done yet, as it is against canons. Some are ready to see his body as relics, but some are not ready to see his body as relics; so to prevent some wrong thoughts or feelings, the coffin wouldn't be opened. Vladika Philaret loved the canons, he obeyed them, so now we have to do everything according to the canons. Now a presentation will be made at the meeting of the Synod and we will wait for whatever the Synod will decide. We will just put the coffin in the hole, but not put soil over it. He repeated that people should not be sorrowful that the coffin was closed; Vladika is still with us. He was a holy man and he is with God, and now after seeing that his body was intact, it is an invitation for us to pray to Vladika. And if miracles occur, then it will be a sign, a confirmation to us for the glorification of Vladika Philaret, which he believes will soon take place. It will take place soon. Thirteen years Vladika has lain there and many times he received a request to move his coffin to a different place. Providentially, it did not happen. Now that we have opened the coffin and knowing the conditions where the coffin was, we can see how God showed glory in this man.

Some people said that they were not surprised that Vladika's remains were found incorrupt, because he was a holy man. The people who knew him well and were close to him knew him as a man of deep prayer, a wise spiritual struggler , a faster, and an immovable rock in upholding the integrity of the Faith."

relics of metroplitan philaret
relics of metroplitan philaret
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relics of metroplitan philaret
relics of metroplitan philaret
relics of metroplitan philaret relics of metroplitan philaret

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A Thoughtful Sharing: An ANTI-EPHRAIMITE BLOG

Comment: This is an anti-Ephramite organization, within the New Calendar, under Pat. Bartholomew, Greek Archdiocese of North America.

What are we to think of either the Ephramite monasteries,  also new-calendar, within this Greek Archdiocese,  or their all-powerful leader, this Archimandrite (Gerontos), Ephraim?... connected it seems to Mt. Athos?

To my view, it is all unhealthy and not sound Orthodoxy, neither what all is done in these monasteries, nor what all is done in this New Calendar Greek Archdiocese under heretic Patriarch Bartholomew.

Thus, there is much spiritual confusion, even in some of the anti-monastic criticisms of this form of Orthodox monasticism, by disgruntled parents and others in this Greek Archdiocese.

Yet, who among these new calendar bishops, can correct these problems? 

It is the blind leading the blind, and both shall fall into the ditch!... which can be observed about all of modernist/ecumenist/worldly Orthodoxy.

It is a half-Orthodoxy, at best, and an unbalanced version or rendition of the faith, but not  true or sober Orthodoxy.

Yet among all Orthodox here in America, both this Greek Archdiocese and these Ephramites, have tremendous  riches and monies.

In their Arizona  monastery,  in the middle of the desert, they have a number of huge opulent cathedral sized  churches.  Why?  Such is gross excess, as for their small brotherhood, one church would more than suffice, for the daily cycle of Orthodox monastic worship services.... which by the way, they conduct on the ecumenist New Calendar.

So many contradictions!

But such material excess [which in itself is not in the spirit of monastic Holy Poverty],  is no doubt, a result of the Ephraimites appealing to wealthy Greek Americans or Greeks in Greece, or elsewhere, to give them huge donations, 'in memory of their departed family', etc. i.e.,  each of these cathedral sized opulent churches is dedicated to those who donated the funds to build each opulent church, etc.  This is of course, a corrupt and dishonest misuse of our age-old traditional Orthodox belief in the living doing good works, ON BEHALF of the departed,  IN THEIR MEMORY, and thus aiding their souls in the afterlife, [plus bringing a blessing from Heaven on the living donors!].  The old Roman Catholic twisted and corrupted version of this, was selling for money, 'indulgences', for the souls in Purgatory, [to gather into the Vatican treasuries, the enormous sums needed to build the present  extremely lavish St. Peter's  Basilica... which brought on the Protestant revolt from Rome, and centuries of bitter  civil war and bloodshed afterwards].

The Popes and their Vatican got their lavish St. Peter's Basilica, but lost many souls of their former believers, and further divided western Christians, already in mass-schism from the Orthodox Church, till this day.

Neither this new calendar, under Pat. Bartholomew, Greek Archdiocese, ... neither they nor these Ephraimite monasteries, [also a part of their church], are truly or soundly Orthodox, but they are BOTH a disturbing sign of these end times, in my view.

This age is one of constant and extreme FALSENESS., fulfilling the old saying: "

Nothing is as it appears to be!"
Welcome, Antichrist!

And to my mind, this 'Elder', Ephraim is indeed a false elder of the last times, in severe spiritual prelest/delusion.

We live now in the time of false leaders, in all walks of life, including government, and false spiritual guides.  They are all around us.  Some, like Ephraim claim to be leading real and traditional Orthodox monasticism.  Are they?  Is he?  (Is 'Orthodox Christian Vladimir Putin' leading an 'Orthodox Russia'?... even as he breaks most if not all of the Ten Commandments and the Teachings of the Orthodox Christian Church!]

Elder Ephraim  is doing much harm, mentally and spiritually, to those under his absolute dictatorial command, under the pretext of 'holy obedience'.   He does not allow them to think for themselves or to question any of his dictates.  He demands mindless in-human robots.  
His is nothing less, than a sect, [though a very rich and physically impressive one, but so is Scientology too!], an unhealthy and un-Orthodox personality-cult built around himself, as the final word on all things, both in large matters and minute ones.

Where is there genuine humility or soberness in this man?... true virtue?

But is heretic Pat. of Constantinople, Bartholomew better?

Watch the two news-videos, offered on one of these two below links.
Rd. Daniel

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

RocorMP priest displays Soviet and Pagan symbols in church

Another outrageous, and public example of the betrayal of ROCA to the MP and its true masters-

Russian original article, found on:

*Machine-English translation:

ROCOR/MP Archpriest Victor Potapov, put into the Washington temple,  Soviet symbols next to the icons (PHOTO)

Author: i-sobor incl. May 19, 2015. Posted in Apostasy (Views: 61)

I can hardly believe it: a star with hammer and sickle, and Colorado ribbons - a symbol of the KGB, Putin and Russian kommunofashizma - have been exposed to the indignation and outrage in the former parishioners of the Church of St. Washington White Guard. John the Baptist at the corner of 17th Street and Sheppard, where I went 20 years! Church, which for years went descendants, children and grandchildren the glorious white generals, shed blood in the fight against the Bolsheviks!

That's what it means to be in JURISDICTION MOSPATRIARHII ROC - demonstrate. I imagine the level of brazen blasphemy in kumirnju Mospatriarhii ROC in Russia!
Maximum the census !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the bottom in English - one of the indignant comment parishioners Lanochka, which I know well, granddaughter of General Barbovich white.
Lana Keikuatov Rjedkin added 2 new photos.
This symbol Should have never Entered A church I WAS Married in and WHERE I Baptized One of My Sons! I am disgusted. My great grandfather General Barbovitch fought against it! My grandparents left Russia to start a new life in America because of the evil the symbol stands for! I am sickened by this !!!!!

Andrei Bessmertny Anzimirov


+4 # RE: MF ROCA Archpriest Victor Potapov exhibited at the Washington temple Soviet symbols next to the icons (PHOTO) - Metropolitan Agafangel 05/19/2015 13:36
This, until recently, it was impossible to imagine, especially given that the ROCOR fought on the opposite side. The very fact that blasphemy is an indication that comes as part of the Synod of Metropolitan. Hilarion - this is not the ROCOR.

+4 # RE: Potoierey ROCOR MP Victor Potapov exhibited at the Washington temple Soviet symbols next to the icons (PHOTO) - German Archdeacon 19/05/2015 12:55
Only the coffin cure this bezstydnika-hooligans.
What a mockery of the Fathers, of the builders ...
Protodeacon. Herman

+4 # RE: Potoierey ROCOR MP Victor Potapov exhibited at the Washington temple Soviet symbols next to the icons (PHOTO) - Internet Sobor 05/19/2015 12:06
To this end, and held under the patronage of Putin operation "unification" of the ROCA and the MP. Which still need evidence of betrayal?

Photo of the yin-yang symbol:


Sharing to be fair: ROCOR/MP Priest Victor Potapov Defends Himself: 

Victor Potapov's explanation and heated defense of himself, is in reaction to this and similar recent reports and photos:

My Comment: But why should we automatically trust or fully respect what this man claims,  as if Victor Potapov were a sincere or honorable real Orthodox priest?, such!... a betrayer of our old free ROCOR to the captive Moscow, KGB controlled MP... founded uncanonically by Stalin in 1943 as his tool,  AND STILL A POLITICAL TOOL OF THE PUTIN REGIME!... as this very prominent and shameful ROCOR/MP priest? No, we cannot fully trust anything that Victor Potapov has to say, YET, in this particular matter,  I believe what he claims in his own defense,  that he did not know of or order this objectionable display, put under this bouquet of flowers, in his church. It has proven much too embarrassing to him, for him to have ordered this. Fair is fair. But what a small matter is this little incident, to the huge betrayal of which he has been and still is, a big participant in.
Rd. Daniel

From: "St. John DC" <>
Subject: [Parish] Never Thought I Would Have To Do This
Date: May 19, 2015 at 10:25:45 PM EDT

May 19, 2015
Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Christ is Risen!
Certain individuals have posted slanderous statements on Facebook concerning a recent event in our parish, which continue to be circulated on the Internet. See for example:
I respectfully submit the following.  
On May 8th, 2015, on the occasion of the eve of the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Victory over Nazi Germany, we at John’s served a solemn panikhida to commemorate ALL those who were killed “for faith and country” (at least 27 million in the former Soviet Union alone).  Before the service, members of a local Russian women’s association called me to request permission to bring a wreath of flowers as a remembrance, for which I gave my blessing.  Minutes before the beginning of the service, the flowers were brought into the church, along with a poster identifying the organization. 
I did not have a chance to review the poster in the darkened church.  After the panikhida, my astonished Matushka noticed the depiction of a Soviet victory flag the right bottom corner of the poster and it was immediately removed. I certainly understand the reaction of seeing a poster in the corner of which was a depiction of the hammer and sickle. I too was shocked to see it. Some are actually suggesting that I asked for the poster to be brought into our temple and that by serving this panikhida I was somehow glorifying “Stalin’s victory” in WWII.  This is absolutely off the mark and is the antithesis of my family’s experiences, which led to my own lifelong journey to serve the Church and dedicate many years of my life to the defense of Orthodox Christians in the USSR & Eastern Europe.  This is part of the public record.
My grandfather on my father’s side perished in a Stalin prison (Lubianka)  and my grandfather on my mother’s side survived the Solovki concentration camp. My father, who was a POW in a German concentration camp, defected from the Red Army to the Vlasov forces during World War II, escaped Soviet repatriation (twice), and eventually settled in the U.S. with the help of one my own parishioners, Constantine Boldyrev, who was very much involved in émigré anti-Soviet politics (NTS). (Mr. Boldyrev was the head of the displaced persons camp in Germany, where I was born.) Fr. Serge Tchertkoff (Matushka’s father) survived a Soviet-run concentration camp in Romania, which led him to dedicate the remainder of the rest of the 50 years of his earthly life to the priesthood. I still remember the detailed stories of brutal torture that other family members endured (some didn’t survive) at the hands of the Soviet regime (my mother and aunt actually witnessed cannibalism during the period of the famine in the Ukraine that was initiated by Stalin) and I cannot jettison the gruesome visuals that have been burned to memory. 
I bring this up in the spirit of full disclosure of my personal bias against Soviet authority and symbolism. I also bring it up to share in the lasting and complex narrative that lives on within Russian communities abroad. Healing will only come through prayer, such as through the panikhida on May 8th and the panikhida which we will serve on June 1st, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the forced allied repatriation in Lienz, Austria of tens of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians and other nationalities into the hands of the NKVD (later KGB).
In a homily prior to the May 8th memorial service, I made a point to underscore the fact that it is mindboggling that notwithstanding the terrible sufferings the Russian people had already been suffering before the war (the persecutions, the GULAG, the extermination of the officer corps, etc.), they were able to miraculously rally and defeat a powerful enemy. Victory on May 9th belongs to the people and no one else. I went on to say that there was a spiritual component in all of this, since the Nazis invaded Russia on Sunday, June 22, 1941, the feast of Synaxis of All the Russian Saints.
Unfortunately for the people in the Russian homeland, they had to continue to suffer under the communist regime for many more decades, while we in the free West were able to enjoy the fruits of their and the Allied victory.
To reiterate:  I sincerely regret the incident with the poster and should have been more attentive to its content, but I most certainly do not regret organizing a prayer memorial for all those who selflessly gave up their lives in the struggle against a most hateful ideology bent on world domination.
In closing, if there are any issues or questions that remain unaddressed after reading this note, I invite anyone to contact me directly with any concerns. This would seem a more honest approach to reaching factual conclusions as opposed to the distribution of slanderous and misconstrued information via social media and other Internet outlets.
In Christ,
Fr. Victor Potapov
Rector of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Washington, DC
Cell Phone: 202-288-0392


Potapov further reveals his true loyalties and his self-identity: A Comment from, about ROCOR/MP priest Victor Potapov-

Thu, May 21, 2015

This comment number 4, by the editor of, who lives here in America,  under the article about the soviet emblem on that poster under the flower bouquet, in his church, ..which Potapov  heatedly denied putting there, etc....but which has caused an uproar against him, no doubt from people already enraged at his betrayal of the Washington DC ROCOR Cathedral to the MP and his own personal betrayal.
This is a humanly smoothed-out, machine-English translation from the Russian.


+2 # RE: MF ROCA Archpriest Victor Potapov exhibited at the Washington temple Soviet symbols next to the icons (PHOTO) -   Internet Cathedral  05/21/2015 9:58
In the note, published on the official website of ROCOR MP "At St John the Baptist Cathedral in the  US capital , was commemorated the victims of the Second World War,".... [there are some wonderful lines:]
 "It is incomprehensible how, in spite of these losses, we - the Soviet Union - were able to win this war" - so said the rector Father Victor Potapov. "We" is, presumably, the Soviets, among which Victor  Potapov  classifies himself. Well known in Russian America, the priest identified two reasons for the Soviet peoples' win:  "June 22, 1941, on the same Sunday, when the Nazis attacked our country, the church celebrated the Day of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land.  And I'm sure all the saints begged the Lord to protect their earthly homeland.  And all the people in unison rose to defend their country - and this enemy was not prepared for that ", - he said. Etc.

Note found at

Who then can doubt that the priest Victor Potapov is part of Sergianism, as he rejoices in the success of...'his Soviet homeland'??

Monday, May 18, 2015

Odessa erects cross by village cemetery

 SAVE AND PROTECT!-"Through the Cross, joy has come into all the world" !!
3/16 May 2015  in the village Egorovka Odessa region, where is the St. John Nunnery (ROCOR), with the permission of the local village council, with his donation, of the villager - 
 Иван Васильевич Злых, was recently installed a wayside cross near the village cemetery.


There was installed a wayside cross,  in the village of Egorovka, in the  Odessa region, Ukraine, where is the ROCA Women's Monastery of St. John- PHOTOS

Author: Vera nun incl. May 16, 2015. Published in the ROCA (Views: 65) 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

MP trying to take church in Chile

(This is a no-bishop church which left the ROCOR with Metr. Vitaly's forced retirement.)

Moscow Patriarchate trying to capture the church in, Santiago, Chile
Rough machine-English translation (sorry!):

The Moscow Patriarchate is trying to capture the church in Chile

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. May 16, 2015. Published in the ROCA (Views: 68)
Tags: ROCA , Chili , santiago
Most Reverend
Metropolitan Hilarion N. of York
Pervoerarhu RZTS / MP
Your Eminence.
O Lord, holy!
We, the parishioners of Holy Trinity and Our Lady of Kazan in Santiago, Chile, appeal to you to attend to the problem faced by our parish.

The fact that in 1956 the parishioners of our church was founded "Society Cemetery Russian Orthodox living in Chile" to create and further maintenance of Orthodox cemetery in Santiago.

In its structure, "cemetery society ..." is exclusively secular organization, and therefore has no right to interfere in the internal life and, moreover, to appoint or remove the sacred-clergymen.

However, in recent years, the Board "Cemetary of the Company ...", now consisting of people distant from the Church carries out aggressive attempts to shift the abbot and spiritual father of our community Archimandrite Benjamin (Voznyuk), and impose as Ruling Bishop John Bishop Karakaskogo (Berzinsha).

After the death of our ruling Archbishop Leonty, followed in July 1971, our parish, by the Decree of the Synod of Bishops, removed from the jurisdiction of the Episcopate of South America, and Arch. Benjamin was appointed Administrator of the Diocese of the Chilean translation under the direct jurisdiction of the Synod of Bishops N.Yorka.

After the death of Metropolitan Vitaly Ustinov Arch. Benjamin stopped commemoration at the Liturgy of the episcopate of the ROCA, but did not retreat from the canons of the Orthodox Church.

Representatives of the Synod of Bishops repeatedly came to Chile for talks with Arch. Benjamin. As a result of these discussions, it was found that by Arch. Benjamin there are no violations of the dogmas of the Orthodox Church, hitherto Arch. Benjamin was not subjected to any interdictions from Svyaschennoierarhii.

However, the Board "Cemetary Society ..." and, in particular, its Secretary Buzhinskaya Alexander V. (Old Believers are not representative of Common Faith Church), using false accusations Arch. Benjamin made by Bishop John Karakaskogo adoption of the Decree on the Prohibition of the Arch. Benjamin from serving (which is about. Benjamin personally never received, but accidentally learned of the protocols Cemetery. Company) for alleged separatist activities, any fact which was not provided.

At the same time, no decree of Bishop John Karakasky not appointed Ruling Bishop of the Orthodox parish in Santiago.

We ask Your Excellency to intervene in the situation and, having used your pastoral authority to stop lawlessness perpetrated by letting our dear priest about. Benjamin continue his pastoral deeds for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.

Please find attached our petition appeal prot. Alexander (Iwaszewicz) as evidence that not only our parish but other Orthodox communities in Latin America have repeatedly appealed to Bishop John to stop the unjust persecution of about. Benjamin, what he did not heed.

Efforts have also been evidence, in our view, evidence that some of the statements and actions of Bishop John Karakaskogo contain heretical teachings. In particular, the phrase expressed in Christmas gifts for 2015:
"... The Creator became a creature ..."

and the fact that Bishop John nourishes (ie, remains in prayerful communion) community of Old Believers-bespopovtsev in Bolivia, which is a violation of the Rules of St. Apostles of praying with heretics.
* * *
His Grace Bishop John
Karakaskomu and Venezuelan.
Your Excellency,
Dear Lord, holy!

To you parishioners of Holy Trinity and Our Lady of Kazan in Santiago, Chile, and spiritual children Arch. Benjamin (Voznyuk).

We express our deep concern and express our strong protest actions of the Board of "Cemetary Company Russian Orthodox living in Chile" wearing destructive with respect to our arrival and directly to our abbot and confessor about. Benjamin.

We deeply regret that you, being Orthodox bishops, and knowing canons of the Orthodox Church, to encourage unlawful interference exclusively secular organization, and, moreover, individuals who are not parishioners of our church, in the internal life.

We strongly disagree with your decree banning from serving on. Benjamin, dictated by political rather than canonical motifs.

We believe that you are aware of the fact that despite the fact that since 2007, about. Benjamin remembers not the Liturgy of the ROCA episcopate, no rebuke from the Synod of Bishops to him were applied, although representatives of the Synod, and you in particular, has repeatedly traveled to Chile and had a conversation with. Benjamin.

As Orthodox Bishop, you must understand that no secular organization can not be the owner of churches and church property, and moreover, do not have the right to invite or withdraw sacred-clergymen.

We ask you to show common sense and listen to the opinion of permanent parishioners of Holy Trinity and Our Lady of Kazan, as well as to the treatment prot. Alexander (Iwaszewicz), and not to indulge the desires of people distant from the Church and from the understanding of the Orthodox canons.

With hope for your understanding and cooperation.
Parishioners of Holy Trinity and Our Lady of Kazan in Santiago, Chile.


# RE: trying to seize the Moscow Patriarchate church in Chile - Archdeacon German 05/16/2015 14:28
What is happening now in Chile a prime example of what has become a fallen fragment of the once glorious Church Abroad. In the first case, likened the new owners and force, fraud, lies ready to take property from them did not follow the path of treachery. On the strong do not go, but on the weak - is another matter ... Just like the Moscow Patriarchate selects overseas church property, from any side it does not belong, and their bulk, with the help of civil structures, without neglecting the help from the Mafia denies true Zarubezhnikov namolennye his temples. And in Chile, which is t. N. mit. Hilarion and Bishop. John, with his usual newfound their unprincipled th bribing dubious public, among which some simply give themselves atheists, and relying on soulless civil laws to take away 89-year-old elder Archimandrite Benjamin magnificent temple of the Holy Trinity, built by his hands and tools 34 years ago? Together with Archimandrite Benjamin again suffer, how many times have broken life, ascetic Abbess Juliana monastery with nuns and pupils of the orphanage. In 1948, the nun Juliana had to run at night through the Bethlehem of the mountain monastery, the cradle of her monastic transmitted civil authorities counselor. Almost exactly half a century later, in 1997, a new temptation and even more painful - stabbed in the back by as if '' its '', but in fact it is not his, but from the Vl. Mark all in favor of the same Soviet Patriarchate. All the more memory as Mother Abbess fought bravely as her ruthlessly dragged his feet on the stone stairs. Before superior force had to leave Igumen obedience to the Mount of Olives and leave this gem of Russian Orthodoxy by the same forces of the enemy. Mother thought Iuliyaniya find peace on a distant foreign land, in Chile, but here the enemy: paw does not give her peace of mind. "But I do not lose heart - I wrote my mother Juliana - GOD is not in power but in truth. Only NKVDistami do not want to have anything to do. I remain faithful to death to what we have been taught since childhood my spiritual fathers, wise pastors, mentors and old women. "
Heed the cry of our Orthodox ascetic. Do not let 'them' is the new secret to make a moral crime. "Dali would live peacefully father Benjamin, not a lot of it remains," - writes more caring Mother, not losing hope to reach out to people of conscience, not just betrayed her.
Protodeacon. Herman

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Revisiting of the First Election of Obama

An Eye-Opening Revisiting of the First Election of Barack Obama, and its Deleterious Effects on America-

*Shared by an Orthodox priest in America, who agrees with these astute observations.

Category: Our American scene-

November 7, 2012
Victory of the Demagogue
By Hyatt Seligman

Our newly re-elected, incompetent President is good at one thing: Chicago style politics.  Kill your opponent by character assassination and promise freebies to your base.  That's exactly how he beat Mitt Romney, a good and decent man, a man of substance, who would have been a great president to turn our economic mess around.

Instead the community organizing, empty-suit incumbent won by pandering to the Democratic base and defaming and distorting Romney into an evil caricature.  His simple plan of dividing and conquering through fear, envy and class warfare trumped all else, barely.  Appeals to race, gender and emotion triumphed over economic reason and self-interest and the good of the country.

What is that Democratic base?  It's quite simple, a cobbled, bare majority of "victims" comprised of blacks, browns and women.  It didn't matter to them that their unemployment was at record highs and their communities and lives devastated the last four years.  It didn't matter that the President deliberately killed the oil, gas and coal industries and hundreds of thousands of jobs, or supported the teachers' unions over the right of their children to get vouchers to go to quality schools of their choice, or supported the auto unions over the mom and pop shareholders who owned stock, or that he crushed the middle class.  It didn't matter to young people that they are personally bankrupt before they start out in life, already burdened by over $200,000 in national debt per person in their generation.  And Obama ain't done yet.

Why?  The external world is not real to them.  What is real are their feelings and emotions.  And why not?  The modern American message to minorities and women is well learned by now.  It's what our public schools have taught for fifty years.  The most important thing about you is the color of your skin and what's between your legs.  Don't believe it?  Look at any high school American History or Civics book.  Ten pages on the slave-holding, Founding Fathers and the American Revolution, thirty pages on FDR, the New Deal and Big Government saving America from the evils of capitalism and endless pages devoted to glorifying, heroic, victimized "Native Americans," and other minorities and, of course, demonizing our, evil white, imperialist, ancestors who exploited them and the earth itself.  Such endless, sophomoric, guilt-ridden, pabulum has consequences, to wit, the blindness of navel-grazing.

Yes, Obama is the master of the "basic instincts" of his self-centered, narcissistic base.  It's not complicated once you understand the con.  To blacks he was one of their own and that was really all that mattered.  They were in the bag from the start, 95% plus.  To Hispanics, he bought their vote with his illegal, dictatorial, but hugely popular, to them at least, executive order for amnesty to young illegals.  Result?  70% plus from a community that is Catholic, church-going, hard working, anti-abortion and generally conservative.  To women he trotted out the classic Democrat ploy, the fear of losing control over their bodies and even added a new wrinkle, the "right" to free contraceptives even if you're a law student on the cusp of making $150,000 a year to start.  Result, a margin of some 9 points, especially in the suburbs.  Yes, pandering to the self-absorbed pays.

Toss in a little scapegoating and blame-gaming through envy and class-warfare, just to make the base feel even more self-righteous, and you have a country divided almost fifty-fifty, but more importantly, a winning electoral strategy despite being the worst president since Jimmy Carter, perhaps the worst in modern history.

Such is the vapidity of the American people today.  Iran going nuclear?  Libya what?  Muslim Brotherhood, is that a new rap group?  Israel who?  Hey, Obama killed Osama!  I saw it on Nat Geo!  He's the guy I trust on foreign policy.  


Four years of disastrous failure at home?  No big deal.  47 million on food stamps, 23,000,000 unemployed, robbing Medicare to pay for Obamacare, death panels, trillions of dollars wasted, gas doubled in four years, energy and food prices rising like crazy, entitlement spending out of control, no budget in four years -- not to worry.  Just tax the rich and fuggedaboudit.  Problem solved.  Damn Republicans.  Don't they know it's all Bush's fault?  Plus they only care about whites, right?

Romney shares some blame, too, for losing, barely, an easily winnable election.  He coasted when he had a five point lead.  He played not to lose.  He allowed himself to be defined early by attack ads.  He let Obama off the hook for Libya, his blind support of the Arab Spring and his obeisant, appeasing foreign policy in that helped set our embassies afire across the Muslim world.  Instead, Romney's third debate on foreign policy was like a group, me-too, hug.

But Romney's biggest mistake was to try and turn this into a technocrat, tunnel-vision campaign on the economy alone and not to focus on where Obama was truly vulnerable, on character, trust and integrity, because of the latter's many, many lies and distortions, especially after Benghazi.  Two weeks of "Why should you trust a President who won't tell you the truth about Benghazi?" could have gone a long way towards putting the President on the defensive and maintaining Romney's momentum.  Instead, like Senator McCain four years earlier, he let Obama off the hook without a swing.  Why should Americans care about character if Romney doesn't?

So now we have the spectacle of blacks, browns, young people and many women screaming in ecstasy at the man who has bankrupted them and generations to come by making empty promises paid for by trillions of dollars we don't have.  They won't know their betrayal until it's too late, until the Piper has to be paid, when inflation is out of sight, our credit rating is downgraded, when the entire coal industry is shut down and fracking banned, when China stops buying our worthless debt, when the dollar standard is discarded and we can't delay disaster by printing more worthless money or buying our own treasury bonds with money borrowed from China, when we finally, inevitably, fall off the cliff into a truly great depression and/or World War III breaks out, only after anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying Iran has nuclear weapons and Israel is possibly incinerated.  What a great second term we have coming.

These epochal issues were what was really at stake in this Presidential election, but Mr. Romney, good man that he is, wouldn't go there.  On the contrary, he praised Obama's good intentions, refused to dramatize the real danger, apparently out of fear of being labeled a warmonger, and lost the true battles of character and ideas to the shameless, craftier, demagogue.

If only Romney had chosen Marco Rubio, the obvious, ethnic choice for his Vice-President.  Crass, yes.  Racial politics, yes.  But Rubio was equally or more qualified than Paul Ryan, and sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, to win Florida, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and more, and save your country from itself.

If the Republicans get that, maybe they can win in 2016, if we survive the next four years.  It's going to be touch and go.  We have an unrepentant, unaccountable, scapegoating, leftist demagogue in the White House with all the "flexibility" in the world and worse, the mastery of how to pull the wool over the eyes of his base whenever and however he wants.  Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet, plus four Supreme Court nominees to rewrite our "deeply flawed" Constitution of "negative rights only" that Professor Obama despises.

You get the government you deserve.  Pray for America.  We have let the dogs loose.