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Proposal to Canonize Stalin

About declaring Stalin a 'Saint': machine-English humanly improved machine-English: Proposal to Canonize Stalin-

Sun, 28 Jun 2015

This article found on Internet Sobor.

My comment: This particular unbelievable proposal is coming from one Russian writer, who has a radio program.

However, general calls for declaring Joseph Stalin a 'saint' are coming from many voices in Russia, where his 'icons'  [often coupled with those of Pat. Sergius Staragorodsky] already are publically  venerated and blessed, carried in public processions, and some sort of 'services' are being performed TO HIM  in front of these 'icons', by some MP clergy.

Clearly too, this is being sponsored and encouraged by the Putin regime. If it weren't, it simply could not happen.

It appears to be part of his program of, 'restoring Russian national pride and the Russian empire', of course, KGB dictator Vladimir  Putin's very twisted version of those concepts.

Few public voices oppose him, on this matter or on any issue, [for fear of their lives and fortunes]  though it is clear that there are many especially among older Russians [as the younger, historically ignorant  Russian generation knows nothing directly about his endless atrocities], who cannot conceive of mass murderer Stalin as any sort of anybody's 'saint' - [unless the Devil has his own 'saints'?]   He does of course, but we Orthodox call such evil beings: DEMONS, the servants of the Enemy of God, the Devil, Lucifer.  And those beings are NOT OUR FRIENDS!

Putin's government's public invitation, [through his rubber stamp 'democratic and openly freely elected' DUMA, as he also claims was how he got his own 'democratic' post!] too, of some supposed hereditary 'members of the Romanov family to... return to Russia,' is also in this same propaganda venue.  It is Putin's goal of creating his new, nation-wide 'Potemkin Village' false-front picture of his captive and unfree enslaved Russia.

Rd. Daniel ...who has no need of any' icons' or portraits or photos, either, of servant of Satan, Joseph Stalin! ...among the worst bloody and atheist monsters of all of human or universal world history.

But, Vladimir Putin, who is called by his glassy-eyed devoted supporters, 'a sincere Orthodox Christian', venerates him!

And, ROCOR/MP, our former brothers and sisters in the old ROCOR, is subservient to his MP 'church' and thus, to him.

When do we hear anyone in that subservient church, openly criticize Putin or his Patriarch??? So far, I hear no such voices.  Because, THEY DO NOT DARE oppose the regime in power in Moscow, and by so doing they prove WHO they really serve, and it is clearly not Our Lord God and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

Will ROCOR/MP churches, as those in this country, [and OCA churches too?] soon also have icons of Joseph Stalin, his feast day on their church calendar, and perform akathists to him, in front of such painted abominations?  If their 'holy mother church' the KGB controlled MP, will do such things, then they too MUST also.  Wait and see.

This is the massive world-wide apostasy of the end times.  Let us all flee from it.


 The Russian offer to canonize Stalin
Author: Council Internet incl. June 20, 2015 . Posted in Society

In Russia, Stalin is proposed to be classified among  the saints, calling him "the leader of the sacred Christian victory" in the war against Nazi Germany.
The proposal was made ​​by the Russian writer, Alexander Prokhanov, on  the radio station "Moscow speaking".
He stressed that he considered Stalin a benefactor of the church and that  he is in favor of his canonization.
"The victory in the war of 1941-1945 is considered a sacred victory. Because in this war there clashed the forces of hell with the  forces of heaven. The hellfire forces - that was  Hitler and fascism. The heavenly  force - that was  the Soviet Union. But Stalin was himself, the leader of the sacred Christian victory," - Prokhanov said.


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Visit to Italy

A Visit of ROCA Archpriest Eugene Koriagin of Moscow, to GOC Monastery of St. Seraphim of Sarov, in Pistoia, Italy-


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bp. Photios visits Bulgaria

( many photos)- Pastoral Visits to His Northern Bulgarian Parishes, by Vladyka Bishop Photios-

Pastoral visits to parishes Bishop Photios northern Bulgarian Old Calendar. PHOTOS


12-18 June 2015 Visiting Bishop Photios Triaditskogo northern parishes of the Old Calendar Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Bulgaria.

Feast of Icon "It is Truly Meet" in Attica

To Fellow Orthodox Christians: Sharing:-of our sister church to our ROCA: In Attica, Greece: Feast of the Icon of The Mother of God, 'Meet It Is" (Axion Esti/Dostoyno Yest)-many photos

Internet Sobor

GOC Greece: Feast of the Mother of God "is truly meet" in Attica. PHOTOS

Tuesday, June 23 (n. V.), 2015 in the evening, on the eve of the Mother of God "is truly meet," Metropolitan Chrysostom Attikiysky Beotikiysky and made ​​a festive service in the same temple in Attica (Greece CPI).

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Romanovs to be invited to return to Russia

Members of 'the Romanov Family' Will Be Invited to Return to Russia

Article found on Internet Sobor

Comment: An obvious game of the Putin regime, to somehow add legitimacy to his corrupt KGB gangster government.

And of these so-called, 'Romanov family members' [ and are any of them real Romanov hereditary heirs? ]...will be only shameful 'royal' rubber stamp actors for whatever he wants to use them for.

And, no doubt too, they will be 'blessed' by the holy-MP 'church' and its 'Patriarch' Kyrill-Gundaev,.... perhaps even...'crowned'...and then, 'enthroned'? the later executed too, if any of them refuse to follow Putin's orders?

Putin's rubber stamp Duma,[ 'democratically freely elected'-?, as was Putin himself-?]  is apparently offering them one of the many semi-ruins of run-down old former Romanov palaces?

-hopefully one with the roof and walls and floors repaired, heating and plumbing restored, all bullet holes patched from the Bolshevik's past wear and tear, all splattered blood stains wiped and bleached away, and renovated from the harsh climate's long years of ravaging  too? 

WHAT A JOKE!!! and What Lunacy!...(If these 'royal' fools stay where they live now, outside of Putinland, they will be much better off).

But this is, in  dictator Vladimir Putin's twisted mind,  what it will take to "restore Russian national pride" ???, to create his own nation-wide neo-soviet version of, 'A Potemkin Village'?

GOD SAVE Russia and the Russian people, and us all!

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Why didn't anyone help Dylann Roof?

Personal Views of Reader Daniel in Oregon: (our American scene)-A Sane Common-Sense Analysis: "Why didn't anyone help Dylann Roof?"

Comment of explanation: 

And to those not familiar with our American news and events, this 21 year old, Dylann Roof is the pathetic tragic young man, on drugs and with mental problems,  and clearly by our Orthodox Christian understanding of how the Devil works, under the direction and control of demons, who used a gun to kill  nine innocent and prominent people in an historic  black Protestant church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, while they participated in a Bible-study session.  Before he shot them he announced his hope to thereby 'start a race war'.

 This murderous and racist mad-man unchristian act has, by this  mentally ill drug addicted young man,  inflamed our nation, and is being condemned by virtually all decent people. This terrible deed, has had the opposite effect from what this poor immature and mixed up demonized guy wanted,-it has strengthened the population, to work FOR better race  relations, not, 'White Supremacy' that this misguided ignoble fellow professed, he being  really still a child not a mature man.

Rd. Daniel

P.S. We learn that this person, whose eyes show a dark and dead soul,  was also the product of a divorced broken home, and we must ask, what religious concepts and precepts, what spiritual beliefs  and VALUES were implanted  in him by his parents ....or by society or ANYONE? He certainly was not brought up with sound Christian moral values. Did the public schools implant in him, basic right and wrong moral and ethical values?...a FEAR of GOD?  God is outlawed in our American public schools, as He...might offend 'somebody', especially if we name Him, as Our Lord God And Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

 *This link to this article also gives the video of his court hearing:

Charleston: Why didn't anyone help Dylann Roof?

Keith Ablow

 June 19, 2015: Dylann Roof appears at a bond hearing court in North Charleston, S.C. Roof is charged with nine counts of murder and firearms charges in the shooting deaths Wednesday night at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston. (Grace Beahm/The Post and Courier via AP)

Dylann Roof, who allegedly shot and killed nine people at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., last week, showed all the signs of severe and worsening mental illness.

We know, of course, that Roof expressed hateful white supremacist opinion. But we also know that psychiatrically ill people can channel their paranoia or depression or extreme self-loathing into bizarre beliefs that sometimes lead to the destruction of others. Those beliefs can look just like intense hatred — of a particular person or a whole race of people.

When an isolated 21-year-old has a history of dropping out of high school (in the 10th grade), using drugs (reportedly including benzodiazepines and opiates), withdrawing from friends, starting to sleep in his car and beginning to tell people that he intends to start a race war and then kill himself, one can reasonably conclude that he may not be well.

Yet no one intervened in any way to prevent Roof from allegedly committing a mass killing. His uncle didn’t — even though he noted that, at 19, Roof was mostly staying in his room and hadn’t even gotten a driver’s license. His roommate didn’t, even though he has been quoted as saying that Roof was “planning something like this for six months.” His black friend didn’t, even though Roof reportedly outlined his murderous plans to him a week before he carried them out. Neither did a white friend who said he was so concerned when Roof went on a drunken rampage recently that he confiscated his gun.
Why does it always seem that there are good and decent and intelligent people around killers like Dylan Roof, who see clear signs of serious trouble, yet do nothing or almost nothing?
Why not? Why does it always seem that there are good and decent and intelligent people around people like Dylann Roof who see clear signs of serious trouble, yet do nothing or almost nothing?

One reason is that people wish to believe they are safer than they are. They exercise denial. No one wants to believe he might be living in a real-life psychological thriller. And the reason for that may be connected to other unspeakable, unthinkable fears we harbor: Any of us could die today, this very hour. Any of us could be shot tomorrow. Any of us could get a headache, then an MRI, then learn he has a brain tumor. To admit that someone close to us could be descending into the abyss is, in some measure, to admit that we, too, stand close to the edge of one (albeit a very different one).

Another reason is that we, as a society, are profoundly ignorant about the real signs of mental illness. It is as if many of us think that mentally ill people froth at the mouth or run around screaming. The truth is that some severely mentally ill people can, come to brood on perceived injustices, see the world as harboring great evils they must oppose and speak openly and dramatically about such matters. Does that sound familiar?

There is reason to believe that if just one of the people in Dylann Roof’s life had called 911 to report that a family member of theirs (or a friend of theirs) who owned a gun and used drugs was speaking about starting a race war and killing himself, that Roof would have been picked up by police and transported to an emergency room. Once there, he might well have voiced those very same beliefs to a psychiatrist. After all, Roof wasn’t shy about sharing his bizarre opinions. That could have led to him being admitted to a locked psychiatric unit, being detoxed from street drugs and being treated with the right psychiatric medicine. And, then, all this might not have happened.

Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team

Victim of Herman Podmoshensky tells story on new blog

Plus- Some sad and stunning personal accounts: About Herman Podmoshensky, etc.

So far, I have only been able to read about half of this long list of personal testimonies.
For my own sorrowful dealings with Herman, I now realize that I was blessed by God, to early discover that he was 'the idol of clay feet',  and a mentally and spiritually ill false elder, and to have then quickly fled from him. Yet, I still have spiritual damage from him. And when I gave my sworn testimony against him to my Archbishop Anthony (Medvedev), commanded so to do by a priest, in order to stop him and to prevent him from further damaging young souls, and so as to PROTECT THE CHURCH,  I have suffered many years of hate-filled scorn, personal attacks, slander, and calumny,  from him and his many deluded followers,[ from many clergy and laity alike]  till this very day, even after his death.

He presented himself as a living saint, and myself, as anyone who knew the truth about him, and who had suffered from his 'spiritual guidance'.... as a liar and as a persecuting devil.
Yet, his unjust persecution of me,[ to cover up his own unrepentant sinful secret life]   only brought me closer to God, even by his slanders. I found out, who were my true friends, and who were not.

"Whom the Lord loveth, ....He chastizeth!".
Rd. Daniel Everiss , a forest- exile in Oregon

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Memory Eternal Abbot reposed on island of Chios

CPI Greece: the memorial service on the fortieth day of the death of Abbot Skeet Holy Fathers of Chios. PHOTO

General Sharing: Of our sister GOC church to our ROCA: 40th. Day Memorial for Abbot Ambrose of the Skete of the Holy Fathers of Chios, on Island of Chios, Greece-

Memory Eternal! Vechnaya Pamyat!  and May Abbot Ambrose rest with the Saints!
"Grant me O Lord, the homeland of my heart's desiring, making me again a citizen of Paradise!" 

*Some of the rough machine-English translation, humanly smoothed out.

*All-Russian language article, found on: http://internetsobor.org

*This is the mixed Russian original and the interspersed rough machine-English translation [ but humanly smoothed out]  of the text:

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Russia Proposes to Canonize Stalin

SHAME!: More shocking impious insanity from the Putin Regime: The Russian Proposal to Canonize Stalin: In WWII, 'The Force of Heaven Was The Soviet Union' (i.e. Stalin)-!!!

Comment: This blasphemy and rewriting of world and Russian and Russian-Orthodox Church history, is like saying that the All-Good God and the All-Evil Devil are the same being (!) Only God-mocking rabid insane atheists could even think of such an abominable  idea, which is but more proof of who controls Russia today, including its state 'church', the enslaved unfree MP organization,  that the American OCA and ROCOR/MP under Hilarion Kapral , are subservient to  and united with.

To declare Joseph Stalin as a 'saint' and as a national hero of Russia,[ "Stalin saved the nation and Pat. Sergius saved the church!"],  and then brazenly unashamedly depicting Stalin [ and also pretend , Stalin appointee 'patriarch' Sergius Staragorodsky too]  on 'icons' (!)  and then of course, soon....writing services in their honor, [ but apparently the MP clergy are already serving  such 'holy' church services.... to Stalin!...and praying.... TO HIM!' ]  is spitting on all the Holy New Martyrs and on all of sacred Russian culture and history. Indeed, it is spitting on Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Miserable Adolph Hitler and his Nazi-Fascism, and miserable Joseph Stalin's Marxist-Leninist Communist atheistic tyranny,  were THE SAME evil force, both on the SAME dark side, that of the man-hating Devil, not God. Neither were righteous or good or heroic, both were images of the antichrist, and both greatly harmed all of Europe and Germany and Russia, and the world. Both caused rivers of blood to flow. Both, tortured and murdered the saints of God. The sole difference between them might be  asked: which one killed more people?

And the answer to that question is, 'saint' Joseph Stalin.
Rd. Daniel Everiss

*Article found on:<http://internetsobor.org> today, before this site was shut down suddenly-
perhaps, by Putin's army of internet trolls?

The Russian offer to canonize Stalin

Author: Council Internet incl. . Posted in Society (Views: 83)

In Russia, Stalin proposed to classify the saints, calling it "the leader of the sacred Christian victory" in the war against Nazi Germany.
The proposal was made ​​by the Russian writer Alexander Prokhanov the radio station "Moscow speaking".
He stressed that he considered Stalin a benefactor of the church and in favor of his canonization.
"The victory in the war of 1941-1945 is considered sacred. Because in this war clashed forces of hell and paradise forces. Hellfire forces - is Hitler and fascism. Paradise force - is the Soviet Union. But Stalin is also the leader of the sacred Christian victory," - Prokhanov said.


Sunday of All Saints in Bulgaria


In Bulgaria: (sister church to our ROCA)-Sunday of All Saints (Photos)-

*Article found on Internet Sobor

"Into the beauty of Thy saints, how shall I enter, O Master?, for I have no wedding garment.
Cleanse me and save me and make me worthy of Thy Heavenly Kingdom!'. 

Sunday of All Saints in the Bulgarian Old Calendar Bulgarian. PHOTO

1/14 June 2015, the day of all Bulgarian Saints in the temple Venerable. John of Rila in the Old Calendar Bulgarian held a solemn service: Vigil and early Liturgy. Source

About the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

An Informational Sharing: For better understanding: A View, of The Ethiopian Orthodox Church-from their own perspective

*This church is a daughter church of the Coptic Church, though it has many unique native Ethiopian customs and traditions, differing from the Egyptian Coptic Church.
With our fellow Orthodox Christians [ of all ethnicities],   the Coptic and Ethiopian Christians [ as all Christians under Islamic tyranny] have been and are now, the victims of Muslim bloodthirsty  acts [ all ordered in their 'beautiful and peaceful' Koran]:  terrorism, oppression, and genocidal mass-murdering,....actually for many long centuries.

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Putin wants the St. Alexander Nevsky Church in Jerusalem

( the continuing octopus reach of the Putin government, to take ROCOR properties around the world)

-In Jerusalem: The Russian Federation Wants to Take the St. Alexander Nevsky Church and Alexander Farmstead

*Russian article found on Internet Sobor

 The Russian Federation wants to get right to the Alexander farmstead and Alexander Nevsky Church in Jerusalem 

The Russian government intends to get their hands on the archaeological and architectural complex in the capital of Israel.
Russian President Administration tasked to undertake the necessary legal procedures for the registration of rights in the Russian Compound Alexandrov and Alexander Nevsky Church, located in Jerusalem.
The corresponding decree was signed on June 11, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The document was published on Tuesday on the official web portal of legal information.
"Office of the President of the Russian Federation to carry out activities related to the fulfillment of the necessary legal actions for registration of the Russian Federation on the said immovable property", - stated in the disposal of the government.
Aleksandrovskoe farmstead is located in the Old City of Jerusalem in the immediate vicinity of the Holy Sepulchre. Compound is an archaeological and architectural complex, which includes threshold Judgment Gate, houses the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky, fragments of the archaeological site, the museum and other attractions. The complex was built by the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society in 1896.

What was life like 200 years ago?

For Interest: (in America): - a look back: "What was life like 200 years ago?"

All Saints of Russia in France

(many photos): Lyon, France-For Feast of All Saints of the Russian Land, visit to ROCA St. Nicholas Church by Archpriest Eugene Koriagin from Russia-


*Russian language Article found on:<http://internetsobor.org>  

РПЦЗ: Праздник в честь Всех святых в земле Российской просиявших. ROCA: Feast of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land. г.Лион. g.Lion.

Author: Archpriest Eugene Korjagin  2015 June 17, 2015

Power-Insane Putin

Power-Insane, Vladimir Putin, 'Ex-KGB', Admirer of Joseph Stalin, Pushes World to Nuclear War


 Comment: In our Orthodox Christian basic theology, we are taught, that in this world there are two opposite powers who are at war with each other: God, Who created all and loves Mankind, and the Devil who wishes to destroy us all, and take our immortal souls to Hell with himself.

We humans must choose which side we are on. That will determine, where we go, when we pass from this life.

One fact is crystal clear: bloodthirsty power-mad dictators as Vladimir Putin,  are on the side of the Devil, and wish to harm and destroy many millions of souls.

He is preparing for a totally unjustified nuclear world war, while the west, America included,[ both our incompetent leftist government and more especially, the general population of this country, of which I am a native member],  want only to live in peace and harmony with Russia, and indeed all nations.

We want to also live in peace with the Muslim world-but they won't let that happen.
Neither America nor Europe is threatening Putin's enslaved unfree  'democratic' Russia. The primo enemy of Russia and its people is exactly Putin and his evil neo-hangover criminal gangster soviet regime in power.

Vladimir V. Putin, is a very good fore-runner and image of the promised antichrist: a world powerful leader, who to many seems all-good/all-wise, but who is in reality only working for maximum evil, and the destruction of many millions of human lives and souls.

Vladimir Putin is an agent of Satan, not of the Good and Mankind Loving God.

"By their works shall ye know them!"
Rd. Daniel

This link gives the video player:

Media caption Jens Stoltenberg: "This nuclear sabre-rattling of Russia is unjustified, it's destabilising and it's dangerous"

Monday, June 15, 2015

Historic photos old Russia

Some Photos of The End Time of Old Russia, 1896 


 Pre-revolutionary Russia in 1896 in color photographs Frantisek Kratky 

Convent in Bulgaria Photos

(photos)- In Knyazhevo Womens Monastery, Bulgaria: (sister church to our ROCA)- Requiem Panichida for Mother Superior SERAPHIMA, on the day of the Eleventh Anniversary of her passing-


Found on: Internet Sobor

Memory Eternal to Abbess Seraphima (Lieven)!
And, May She Rest With The Saints!

 The Memorial  service for the repose of Abbess Seraphim (Lieven) in Knyazhevo. ФОТО PHOTO

lovely photos of CONVENT

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Coptic Orthodoxy Documentary

Simply for us Orthodox to better understand them:- Informational Sharing-Letting the Copts Speak for themselves, -their own version of their doctrine and history: "Coptic Orthodoxy Documentary"

  Comment: Yes, they are not part of our Orthodox Church as we understand it, and yes they left our church because of the Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon, which defined the doctrine of the Two Natures of Christ, [ part of the reasons for that separation-besides them not wanting to be a part of the Greek dominated Byzantine Empire,]  was what  they and many others claim, was due to a miss-understanding  of differences in terminology and language, Greek versus Coptic, as they state that they DO firmly believe, and that they always have,  that Christ is BOTH DIVINE and HUMAN, the God-Man,  but they seem to believe that that sums up to 'ONE UNITED NATURE'  ...so the controversy appears to many,  to be  around the Greek term for 'nature'  versus, 'person' ...but not truly about the essential Christology doctrine]  still, they are an ancient early local church, founded by the Apostle Mark and in so many ways very close to us, and profoundly pious and God-fearing.

And we need to understand them better, even as they are now suffering so severe a new persecution at the hands of the merciless bloodthirsty godless Muslims, and being dispersed around the world, while most western Christians and  governments do nothing to help them. And, if they are involved, currently to some measured degrees,  with the ecumenical movement, as is shown in the end segment, it is clearly their desperation to reach out to any or all, who might help them....'fellow Christians', most of whom, have indeed abandoned them to their fate-i.e  to God's mercy alone.
Rd. Daniel

Their explanation of their own history and church:  25 minutes
Some Coptic Worship, in Cairo-: 14 minutes

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Apostolic Canons

General Sharing:  (Free)- Electronic 'The Rudder' by Apostolos Makrakis-

*This is regarding THE MAJOR CANON LAWS of our Orthodox church:

You can download the file by clicking on:

But be aware that this is a very large file and takes a long time to download.

*Be forewarned: This important legal compendium, though vast,  does not include all of the centuries or, also, all of the local synodal decisions, of all local Orthodox national churches. 
Also, the English used, a translation from the Greek,  is a bit out of date, and stilted to today's spoken usage, [ plus the electronic reproduced printing here, is a bit blurred in some words] so some passages are a bit difficult to fully understand.  
Also, some Orthodox authorities question Apostolos Makrakis's personal  'interpretations', after the canons,  in certain  parts. 
And, on reading and digesting the full meaning of this text, we must be very spiritually sober and not use these laws as some sort of weapons against others, [ as the Protestants or other sectarians, have miss-used the Holy Scriptures- to find endless fault with each other, as unchristian weapons of destruction and hurt, etc.',] against either fellow clergy or fellow laity. 
We need to remember too, that all of these church laws , were enacted to deal with specific problems that arose in church life, and usually with specific persons or regions or cities. 
Many  of these canons do still apply today, some do not (or do not directly generally apply). 
AND, all canons, are meant: Not to harm or destroy, but to call to repentance and to heal and to redeem and save, TO RESTORE THE UNITY OF THE FAITHFUL, a  balance of Economia with Agrapina; Liberality and Strictness.
Therefore, we must read this complicated and lengthy collection, in a spirit of  charity, not spite., and not in a judgmental mind. 
Also, after many canons, it is stated: 'OR... as the bishop decides', as our bishops are given the burden of ADMINISTERING or APPLYING these laws....though they themselves are also subject to them. 
But many of these basic Orthodox canons and norms regulating  Orthodox church life, the ecumenists and modernist worldly-Orthodox do not like. They generally, do not like or appreciate this book, or other books of canon laws. The MP, however, is expert in knowing and USING the canons, to mislead and to control their flock.
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

About the Apostolic Canons-by Bishop Gregory Grabbe

Plus a reminder: These are the earliest Church Canons, as many more were added later by the total of Seven Ecumenical Councils, and also by centuries of LOCAL SYNODS:
In the 'Rudder', (Pedalion), many but not all of these decisions, are printed.

*For those who have a lot of time on their hands, and good eyesight:


related post and links to The Rudder provided by Scribid:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our Faithful ROCA People in South America

Our Faithful ROCA People in South America: (with historic photos) 

History of Holy Resurrection Church and the Russian Orthodox Community in Montevideo, Uruguay

Comment: Another strong living testimony from faithful Russian Orthodox people in South America,
that our ROCA under our Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel with our diocesan bishop there,  Bishop Gregory of Sao Paulo, and All South America, is the  rightful, and canonical and faithful  continuation  of the original Russian Church Abroad....not pathetic ROCOR/MP under Hilarion  Kapral! nor his vicar,  'Bishop John Berzins', who is an imposter, a total tool, with Kapral,  of the KGB controlled MP in Moscow.

In Russian, this article from internetsobor.org:

 A chronological overview of the Russian Orthodox Church in South America
Author: Vera nun incl. June 10, 2015. Published in the ROCA (Views: 1)

Holy Resurrection Church, Montevideo
A chronological overview
The grounds and the subsequent
the development of the Russian Orthodox community in Uruguay
1918 – 2014

GOC in Sweden Photos

Stockholm, Sweden: PHOTOS of Patronal Feast in Honour of Sts. Constantine and Helen-

Monday, June 8, 2015

Photo Report from Island of Chios

GOC sister church to our ROCA: Photos of the Feast of Sts. Constantine and Helen in Aspropyrgos, Greece, and the Island of Chios-

Fall of Constantinople and Islam's Treatment of Christians

A Sharing: "The Fall of Constantinople and Islam's Treatment of Christians:- A small historic sample, of what the 'Beautiful and Peaceful' religion of Islam has committed-

*Shared by a fellow sincere Orthodox Christian, of Greek American descent.

Comment: Our US president, B. Obama needs to read some of this accurate history of Christian/Islamic relations.

Recently he made the extremely ignorant and pro-Islamic statement, regarding the current torturing, oppression and mass slaughtering of Christians at Moslem hands, as: 'pay-back for the Crusades'..i.e. what Christians [any and all 'Christians', eastern ones as we Orthodox or other Middle-Eastern churches, or westerners-Protestants and Catholics, etc.? should expect, i.e. their/OUR collective  proper punishments, for their/OUR past injustices to those poor Moslems???

This pathetic man, Barack Obama, is a historical moron, who knows very little of world history... or American history.  He shows his anti-Christian, pro-Muslim and pro-Marxist and deeply-anti-American upbringing, more and more, day by day.

Also, to continue to blame that short, and amateurish anti-Muhammad video, produced by an, Egyptian Coptic Christian living here in California, America, [he being mis-labeled as, 'an American',] as the  ..single cause... of the Islamic terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy, and the murder of our ambassador, plus the entire Islamic multiple attacks and murdering of Christians and westerners, etc, including it seems,  the rise of 'ISIS" too!!!, ...is a big lie, and shows the pro-Muslim bias and prejudice and plain historical STUPIDITY of our bungling incompetent moronic leftist president.

For all the many many long centuries of Moslem oppression, [which they still are doing today] and persecution and killing EACH OTHER...and of Egyptian Christians,  indeed of all Christians or others under their 'kind rule', plus the centuries of the desecrations of their holy places, their churches and shrines and monasteries,  and of their clergy and laity, -THEY have the RIGHT! to justly... blame the vile and False-Prophet Muhammad, Of Thrice Cursed Memory!... who stared that satanic monstrosity on the human race, labeled, 'Islam" -Submission.

And most especially, to do this, here in America, where we supposedly have freedom of both speech and religion, is about the only place where such wronged Coptic Christians, COULD make any counter-attack on their Muslim oppressors, feeble as that short and quite mild  video was, which I did view.

And, by the way, on the internet, on you-tube, there are many personal and well done testimonial videos of former Muslims, many who then became Christians,  which are in various world languages, [some who were highly placed  leaders in their former born religion] who go into great & shocking details of what all is so very absurd and evil in Islam, with the ridiculous Koran, and with Muhammad, in the religion of their birth.  Don't they  also have the right of freedom of speech?... and to leave rotten anti-human Islam?

But  pro-Marxist, anti-Christian and anti-American, Muslim devotee, Mr. Obama would silence them..  at least with this poor Coptic man, which he has done already.  That poor Coptic Christian, in California, who made that little video,  is in hiding or he has been imprisoned or deported by the pro-Muslim Obama administration.  Thus, all Coptic Christians who have taken refuge in America, must now fear to open their mouths again, and say anything in their own defense, or against the 'Holy Prophet of Allah, Muhammed'.   The Obama presidency is a foe to this country, and our Christian roots, our economic system, and is weakening and indeed destroying us, at home and abroad, in so many many ways, but a big friend to all of our world's enemies.

When will we sweep him and his regime out? God grant it be soon.  Now, he wants to let Iran get the nuclear bomb, -is that his twisted idea of 'pay-back' to evil America?  It really does seem so.

 The fall of Constantinople and Islams Treatment of Christians:June 4, 2015

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Photos from Chile

Photos From Abbess Juliana: For the Feast of All Saints:

The first top photo is of the trapeza for the All Saints festal meal,  after Liturgy, -apparently at the   Convent's church: Mother Juliana and Archimandrite Benjamin are at the head of the table. (I do not know who the other nun is, at the front left, in this photo,  at the table).
The second lower photo, is of Abbess Juliana ringing the convent's bells for the liturgy.