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Have you been to Mountain View yet?

   Have you been to Mountain View yet?

Even when I am just driving past Mountain View, along Rte 145, on my work-related travels, my heart rejoices. As I near the bend in the road, my heart begins to lighten and my mood brightens. As I catch the first sight of the majestic estate up on the hill, I feel an involuntary smile and a feeling of comfort. And now the glorious, new, golden cupola and Orthodox Cross shining over the valley not only witnesses to all those driving by, it reinforces and strengthens all those who come especially to visit.

You see, I stood for over 2 decades, every week, in the once glorious bastion of truth, the once coveted ark, in Jordanville. And yes, like all of us, when it finally happened, I mean - the betrayal, I grieved deeply. It was numbing for years. Loss is one thing. Betrayal is worse. Loss happens. Betrayal is carried out.

We were willing to lose property. We were not willing to betray Christ. By God's grace and mercy, we did not "go along" on that final day of signing. Everyone made their choice, whether they admit it or not. That day was a historical day of choice.

During those days, weeks, months and years after that sorrowful day, I would often recall how the Apostles and believers must have felt during those 3 days immediately following the crucifixion of our Lord. What confusion mixed with sorrow. Those were, undoubtedly, dark and unsure days.

And what did the believers do through those most terrible days? Indeed, that day of the horrible and ignoble crucifixion of Jesus Christ, our God, was certainly the most awful day in the history of the world : what did the believers do? Those who were able, followed through. The myrrh bearers kept watch by night and wept. Joseph of Arimathea requested permission to bury the Lord's body. He and Nicodemus went by night to tend to the body, bringing oils and myrrh for the burial rites. These are the tasks, caring tasks, that must follow death. Through the numbing, calamitous and fearful events, these brave and sober saints carried through. We sing to them and about them every Pascha. Their story within the great events leading to the Resurrection of Christ is one of deep courage and faith.

And, so now in current times, as the days and months have turned into years since that terrible day, we continue to follow through, doing what needs to be done, when and how we can. Scattered parishes have struggled and still struggle to stay together, first serving in homes, then finding office buildings to rent and then progress to the bigger plans of building a Church. Others have spent much time, money and emotional energy defending Church properties in court. And, yet others have purchased lands and buildings with the intent to create once again, places for us to gather and be together, pray together, identify together, re-grow and grow together. 

Mountain View is one example. What a good thing. Here is another modern day example of following through with patience. Here is another wonderful work in progress. Every time I visit, dear Vladyka Andronik shows me the work being done. And, oh my - only the best will be brought in to this new symbol, this new bastion of ROCA. I am reminded of the efforts of wealthy 19th century Russian merchants and nobility who would build churches and institutions, sparing nothing, for the Glory of God. 

Need I describe the renovation work in progress? The Church itself, dedicated to the New Martyrs of Russia, has the newly carved and incredibly beautiful cherry wood iconastasis, new marble and oak floors, and the vaulted blue ceiling has a majestic chandelier hanging. Renovations in the great residence halls are continuously ongoing with new floors, baths, walls, windows:. This place is really becoming a place!

There is a small pond - you can even swim or fish! And, I like to walk through the forest up the mountainside listening to the happy song birds. Closer to the buildings you can hear the goats and chickens alternatively bleating and clucking. During the summer, there is the abundant vegetable garden to tend. 

Here, really is a bright light. This is a place. A really substantial, magnificent place. To be sure, it is a work in progress, and, will be so for a while. But wow - it is ours! Glory to God. Here is a place again. We all accepted, back on that terrible day, that we would lose physical properties for the sake of staying True to Christ. And now, after many years, we have a place again - a place suitable to become a center. It is an impressive place - with the potential to "follow through". 

I was happy to learn that, in addition to the regular Slavonic Divine Services, there will be English Services held once a month in Mountain View. I hope you will be able to go! Spend the night: there are plenty of rooms with beds. If you can't make it this month, go next month... or any time in between. If you have not been to Mountain View yet - well, then, go!

Matushka Joanne Grigoriev.
Sunday of Saint Gregory Palamas, 2013 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Two Beautiful Mosaic-Icons

Two Exterior Beautiful Mosaic-Icons, (one of St. Seraphim of Sarov, and Holy Archangel Michael)-Installed at St. Michael's Church in Odessa


On the collected funds for Pascha in Odessa, 

1. at the entrance to the temple of Archangel Michael 

2. and the entrance to the adjacent chapel in honor of St. Seraphim of Sarov, mounted mosaic.

The Media is Promoting Polyamory

Sharing: For Deep Thought: (Shared by an Orthodox Matushka): How the Media is Promoting Polyamory.

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> Subject: Fwd: How the Media is Promoting Polyamory.
> Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 11:50:01 -0600
> To:
> The world is getting darker and darker. Poor lost souls gleefully run to their own spiritual destruction.
> As Dostoevsky said: without God, everything is lawful.
> >

Why a Russian decided to fight for Ukraine

An Informational Sharing: A Little Truth!- contradicting all of Putin's many many anti-Ukrainian lies: Why a Russian (A Muscovite), decided to fight for Ukraine

One excerpt from this enlightening article: (not every Russian is fooled by dictator Putin, thank God!)-

 “My grandma went through the Stalin times and it’s difficult to convince her that Putin isn’t right,” he said. “She watches Russian news and is terrified by what they tell her is going on in Ukraine.  It’s all lies of course.”

Statue of idol unveiled in Detroit

A Disgusted Sharing: An example of , 'Religious toleration" ? Detroit Satanic Temple unveils statue of a Symbolic Image of Satan-

An omen of our present evil times?

Of course, we are told by Holy Scripture, and the writings of the Saints, that Antichrist, who will represent the Devil,  will appear as very attractive and beautiful to mankind, not like this very ugly figure embodied in this disgusting idol, (what a tragic waste of bronze metal!, a valuable metal alloy that should be better used to make fine quality sweet sounding church bells!, to call people to the worship of Almighty God).

But, as we also know, the real Devil, in his true essence, is far more ugly and revolting and repugnant, than this pathetic idol statue.

In fact he is so extremely ugly, that God, to protect us,  has made a law that to most of us, we cannot  see him, only some saints are permitted to see him, because they are spiritually strong enough.

"Save us O Lord,  from this wicked and perverse generation, both now and forevermore !"
Rd. Daniel

Monday, July 27, 2015

Why a Russian decided to fight for Ukraine

An Informational Sharing: A Little Truth!- contradicting all of Putin's many many anti-Ukrainian lies: Why a Russian (A Muscovite), decided to fight for Ukraine

One excerpt from this enlightening article: (not every Russian is fooled by dictator Putin, thank God!)-

 "My grandma went through the Stalin times and it’s difficult to convince her that Putin isn’t right,” he said.  "She watches Russian news and is terrified by what they tell her is going on in Ukraine.  It’s all lies of course.”

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Discovery of Earth-like planet

INTERESTING! (if true): BREAKING NEWS: Discovery of Earth-like planet with a sun like our own

Beam me up, Scotty!

> Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015
 INTERESTING! (if true): BREAKING NEWS: Discovery of Earth-like planet with a sun like our own
> Here is the direct link:

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Sharing with friends of Abbess Juliana

A Glimpse From The Past: Abbess Juliana sharing two historic photos from her youth in the Holy Land

"I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord!, Our feet have been standing within thy gates, O Jerusalem!"

This is the copy of the other same places where there was sitting Mother Alexia (icon painter) all of the three in this photo painted icons.

At this age, [mine]  3 -*7  we lived in Hebron, because Mother Alexia, Xenia and Joanna, painted big icons for the Hebron Church while Father Niphont, (i.e. Schema-Hieromonk  Nil.)  was the carpenter doing the wonderful big frames for these icons.

Till now, I can smell the the paint and  the wood being cut.   I also worked a lot with wood, but much much later of course.  That is why, I love from all my heart both Convents, of  Hebron and Gorneye.

Pray to V.M. of Kazan, as  she gives sight to the weak people.
 Sinful  Abbess Juliana

Dear in Christ Reader Daniel,

How is your sight?  Hope you can see better now than before.

Yesterday, one parishioner took these fotos that I am sending to you.  These were taken in 1940, me, [a child then] being already TWO YEARS in the Convent.

This wednesday is the memory of the day my Staritsa left us and went to her real home,[heaven].  Her name is Mother Alexia.   She died in Santiago in 1967  (she is sitting on my right side, [in this photo]  and behind me is Mother Joanna, an Arab, the foundress/director  of all Arab novices, that entered our Gorneye Convent of The Visitation of V.M. 

On the left, sitting is Mother Xenia (Roumiantseva), a good voice, a soprano, who was very much appreciated by almost all our clergy, especially Metrop. Anastassy, when he visited the Holy Land and Arch vishop Anthony   

w she was also a big molitvennitsa, all day long  she would be reading not only the cell praviilo [cell rule] or prayers, bit also the Church Oktoich [Eight Tones]  and the Minea, if we were not in Church that day.

Now, in this photo,  I am standing in between them.

These are our church uniforms. Later I will send  home, this uniform.
May God give you health and sight.

Abbess Juliana

Saturday, July 18, 2015

PHOTOS Vladyka Agafangel in Odessa

Metropolitan Agafangel Celebrates a Molieben at the Odessa, Ukraine, St. Elizabeth Parish-

"How beautiful it is, when brothers dwell together in unity!"

more About Our Muslim Anti-Christian President

Sharing: About Our Muslim Anti-Christian President and the Islamic Takeover of America, One Muslim committed Murder or Bombing after Another: THE LATEST "GOOD DEVOUT MUSLIM" NEWS

My added comment:  All that we now know about this pathetic low-intelligence incompetent man's youthful indoctrination into Islam, and Marxist ideas, his anti-Christian prejudices, and his profound hatred of America,... indeed of all of us 'white Americans'... especially we who are not  liberal-leftists, but hold to fundamental Christian beliefs, and love for our country,... prove that he is the worst president this country has ever had.  He is our biggest foe, sitting and ruling as our elected Head of State.  He is a big friend and supporter of all of our country's enemies and detractors, domestic and foreign.

Day by day, this wretched hater of all of us, 'white Christian Americans', with his regime in power in Washington, ignores and also violates our Constitution, and usurps  and takes more and more powers to himself, not allowed to him by that very Constitution, which in his Oath of Office, he swore 'to uphold and to protect'. (Vladimir Putin also swore a similar oath at his enthronement in the Kremlin, putting his hand on a copy of the Russian Constitution!)

And he never ceases to defend or excuse, Islamic attacks and murders on us, here or abroad.  While he does nothing to stop the Muslim mass murders of Christians abroad,... which Islamic murders and pillaging he says, 'are payback for the Crusades'.  What a moronic and ignorant   version of world history! And this pro-Muslim, anti-Christian idiot, is our Head of State!
He needs to retire to Mecca!, and the sooner the better.

Of course we Orthodox Christians know far more about 'Beautiful Peaceful Islam' since we are among its principal victims, for many many long tortured and painful oppressive centuries! since its insane power deluded demonized alleged founder,  False-Prophet and False-Messiah, Muhammad of Thrice Cursed Memory, walked this earth, and started his murdering and oppression and pillaging of Christians.

May the Good Lord!... take Barack Hussein Obama away, before he totally destroys this country, or makes it into his preferred Islamic/Marxist republic.

Our fellow Americans, a large majority of them who seem to always be in some sort of a delusional dream-state, and uncaring about politics or moral issues, need to finally wake up as to what he is doing to us, and demand Obama's resignation or impeachment.

GOD BLESS AND SAVE AMERICA!... from our own stupidity and smug self-satisfied complacence,  and from all of our true/real  national enemies, domestic and foreign, visible and invisible.

If Obama stays in power, America is lost, finished.
Rd. Daniel

 *This shared with me by a fellow Orthodox Christian, a Greek-American, who also cares about our country, and who cares about THE TRUTH!  His family's ancestors were driven out of their native Anatolia, by the terrorist Muslim Turks.  He knows, what anti-human and anti-God, Islam is about! the past and also, NOW.

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2015 11:00:33 -0400

Just a few words about Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez who killed four Marines and wounded three other people at military offices in Chattanooga. Quoting an article it says "Authorities are working to figure out why Abdulazeez -- an accomplished student, well-liked peer, mixed martial arts fighter and devout Muslim -- went on the killing spree"- ! Duh, he was a devout Muslim, that's what all devout Muslims are required to do according to their "Holy Koran", that is kill infidels. Another quote, "Reinhold said there is nothing to connect the attacker to ISIS or other international terror groups"- ! Duh, he's connected to these groups via to what their "Holy Koran" requires all "good" Muslims to do, kill the infidels.

Shameful! Guess Where Obama is Going After an Islamic Terrorist Attack Just Killed 4 Marines…

LindseyBruce July 17, 2015
Within minutes of addressing the nation following the Islamic State’s brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley, President Barack Obama had resumed his August vacation on the golf course. With in 24 hours of the attack in Benghazi, Obama went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. Now, after four Marines were shot and killed in Chattanooga, Obama will be spending the weekend at yet another fundraiser, and a Broadway show.  Obama leaves Friday for an intimate dinner and DNC fundraiser, and is expected to stay overnight at a Midtown hotel. On Saturday, he’ll take in a Broadway matinee of “Hamilton,” the hip-hop musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton, before leaving that evening. Keep in mind the shooting just happened on Thursday, and as of Friday morning, there has been no word of his schedule being changed.

While Obama is on his mini vacation, the families of the Marines killed will be making funeral arrangements for their loved ones. This president couldn’t even take one weekend off of partying and fundraising to  spend some time with the families of the men killed and the other victims who were injured. That is disgraceful. When nine people were shot and killed in Charleston, Obama was not only at the funeral for one of the victims, he sang “Amazing Grace” and gave a eulogy.

This president is so cowardly that he won’t even say the words “radical Islam”, let alone be around when the effects of this  “peaceful religion” are felt by innocent Americans.  We have never had a president so blatantly disrespectful to our military, our police and to anyone who is not a minority. Obama’s Justice department has been focused on what they call “preventing crime while protecting Muslim civil rights and civil liberties.” Eric Holder changed a policy and actually banned all mosque surveillance. How can we fight the war on terror when America’s leader won’t acknowledge the danger of these killers, and even goes to great length to protect them?

ISIS will continue to grow stronger under this president, and terrorist attacks on our homeland are bound to increase.  Since this president puts Islam at the top of the totem pole, freedom naturally falls to the bottom.  Freedom is a threat to Obama, and he is doing everything in his power to neutralize that threat. If people are free, Obama can’t control them. If people are free, Obama can’t force them to pay for abortions or censor their speech. Freedom means thinking for yourself. If the democrats of today actually thought for themselves, there would be no democratic party. The Obama administration wouldn’t even exists if it weren’t for the ignorance of the American people.
It’s times like now we need to start fighting for our American values even harder than Obama does to protect the image of his precious Islam. When this president goes to such lengths for a religion that kills millions, that tells me that Obama is no longer sending us a signal, he is screaming a clear message.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Patronal Feast Royal Martyrs Odessa

ROCA: Patronal Feast of the Odessa, Ukraine Temple of Holy Tsarevich Martyr Alexis (photos)-

"O Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia: Tsar Nicholas II, Tsaritsa Alexandra, Crown Prince
Alexis, and Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, and those martyred with them: PRAY TO GOD FOR US!  Amen."

*Article found on Internet Sobor 

 ROCA: Patronal Feast of the Holy Temple in Odessa of Holy Tsarevich Alexis the Martyr. PHOTOS

Monday, July 13, 2015

Princess Irina Death Notice from Russian Nobility Association

Notification from the Russian Nobility Association in America, on the Passing of Princess Irina

*All humanly-improved/corrected, machine-English translation:

*Article in original Russian, found on Internet Sobor

 On the death of Princess Irina: Notification from the Russian Nobility Association in America

 Author: Metropolitan Agafangel         July 13, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 2.26.10 PM

The Board of Directors of the Russian Nobility Association in America is sad to announce the death on July 9 of Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani.

 Princess Bagration was 89 years old, she was a cornerstone of the Russian and Georgian emigration in New York.

Countess Irina S. Chernyshev-Bezobrazov was born in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France, 26 September 1926, and was the youngest daughter of Count Sergei Alexandrovich Chernyshev-Bezobrazov and his wife, nee Countess Elizabeth Sheremetevoie.

 She was educated privately.

 Irina S. and her older sister grew up in the center of emigre circles in France and Germany between the wars.
 The elder sister of Irina, Countess Xenia S. Chernyshev-Bezobrazov was married to Archduke Rudolf of Austria Syringus, the younger son of Charles I, the last emperor of Austria-Hungary.

 After World War II Irina S. moved to the United States, where she met Prince Teymuraz Konstantinovich Bagration of Mukhrani.
The marriage took place on November 27, 1949 in New York.

 He was 37 years old, she was 23 years old.

 They had no children.

Prince Bagration was the son of Prince Konstantin Aleksandrovich Bagration-Muhranskogo, a descendant of the senior branch of the former Georgian Royal House, and his wife, Russian Princess Tatiana Konstantinovna
 Tatiana K., the daughter of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich and his wife, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikievny, nee Princess of Saxe-Altenburg.

 After emigration during the revolution with her ​​mother and sister, Prince Teimuraz moved to Serbia, where during the war he served in the Royal Yugoslav Army.

  In 1947, he moved to New York.

Prince Teimuraz in 1949 was invited to the Tolstoy Foundation, where in 1979 he became Executive Director and directly supervised  the Fund from 1986 until his death in New York in 1992.

 July 5, 2007, Princess Bagration gave her husband's unique archive, to  the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

 The funeral of Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani will be held at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church in Astoria, New York  at 10:00 am on Saturday, July 11, followed by burial in the cemetery of Novo-Diveevo monastery in Spring Valley, New York.

 Photo: Princess Irina and her husband, Prince Teimuraz.
Перевод Google Google Translation

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Re-incarnated holy spirit lives in Congo

a Curious Sharing: (BBC report): "The Holy Spirit" (re-incarnated) is living in a town in the Congo, Africa (?)

Another sign of these end times?

A Kind Remembrance of Princess Irina by Abbess Alexandra-

Abbess Alexandra: Memory of Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani

*May her good deeds and pure heart, follow her into the next world!  Vechnaya Pamyat!  Memory Eternal!

July 10, 2015 departed to the Lord Irina S. Princess Bagration-Mukhrani.With deep sadness I write about it. Irina S. was a close friend and advisor. Over the years, she helped the monastery spiritually and financially.
Her support and special location I felt after leaving blagopluchnuyu life in America, I went to Russia, Ishim and became engaged in the device of the monastery. Just as our bishops Archbishop John of Shanghai and Bishop Filaret Ascension, Irina S. wholeheartedly believed in the Church Abroad and supported those who were in the truth. By nature Irina S. was a very sincere person, a stranger of all lies, no matter where it originates. It was an extremely demanding and spiritually to themselves and to others.
When in May 2007 the union of the Church Abroad with the Moscow Patriarchate, Irina S. tried to help those who have remained faithful to the Orthodox Church. Irina S. Lord helped Agafangel as the only bishop, did not accept the union. Her concern for the needs of the monastery has been dictated by the fact that it was very valuable that our sisters did not go to the union with the Moscow Patriarchate, as did Lord of Eutyches, which for many of them was the spiritual father. For the sake of truth sister monastery in Ishim left their homes and were forced to endure the difficulties in Ukraine, starting from scratch.
Although Irina S. was not a nun, but a spiritual guide to her was her mother-abbess of the Monastery of the Mt of Olives Tamara Bagration-Mukhrani, niece of Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II. There were moments when in a difficult situation regarding the monastic life, I asked for advice from Irina Alekseeva and she helped me, often while referring to examples from the life of Abbess Tamara. When communicating with Irina S. I always felt it a high spiritual mood, its ability to separate the important from the unimportant.
From Irina Alekseeva is a few relics. Abbess Tamara Irina S. gave two small icons Martyr Tatiana, whom the Emperor, the Emperor Nicholas II blessed it as a favorite niece. These icons Irina S. gave me a blessing to our monastery. Great value for our Church are sent photos Irina S. Romanov princes Martyrs (John, Igor and Constantine), Abbess Tamara brothers affected with the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna and Nun Varvara near Alapaevsk. These relics are evidence to me that we should cherish the spiritual traditions of the Orthodox Church, faithful child of that Irina S. has always been. Her name will be raised with love in my prayers. Eternal memory Irina Sergeevna.
Abbess Alexandra
Photo: EV Princess Vera Konstantinovna after the prayer service in the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh (in Tolstoy Farm) on the celebration of her 90th anniversary (24 April 1996). For Her Highness Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani. Right rector Archpriest Gregory Kotliaroff.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Public worship of Satan looms ahead

Another startling reminder to those who don't see the coming open worship of the Antichrist and Satan behind him:  In Detroit, Satanists plan unveiling of a huge public statue of Satan-

While in America, the very public mention of Jesus Christ [or prayers to Him], or the reading or studying of the Bible or any Christian moral or ethical teachings, is forbidden in public schools, where the monuments to the Ten Commandments [upon which rests all of our historical American system of laws and justice and indeed, our fundamental culture], are removed from public places, and the Holy Cross is removed from military and public cemeteries and public monuments, [indeed from everywhere], and where prayers to Christ or mention of his Name, is forbidden in the US military. 

Now we also have forced upon Christians here, this moral  abomination of the leftist judicial agenda, of their 'modernist progressive' attack upon us, of their onslaught on our Christian American mainstream historic culture, of their so-called, 'Same Sex Marriages', etc.... plus other abominations galore.

In Putin's unfree and enslaved, 'Orthodox Russia', on the contrary, there is an open and public seeming government approval and encouragement and organizing, of honoring of Orthodox churches and  monasteries and holy shrines, and of MP religious activities, Christian crosses and icons and religious memorials, etc. ...BUT, where never-the-less, the entire nation is IN FACT!.... under the tyrannical  rule of a monsterous Christ-hating-atheist-ruling regime, KGB ruthless gangsters really, a war loving, prefiguration of Antichrist, whom we know, by their WORKS, – their  fruits, – not so much by their lying speech and false 'Orthodox' public expressions of piety – so as to fool the masses.... what Vladimir Putin & his fellow criminal oligarks are truly all about. 

 Putin's Russia also has the highest rate of abortions, [infanticide of RUSSIAN BABIES!], of any country in the world, while he is making a murderous unjust war upon neighboring Ukraine, and clearly – planning on seizing the entire country by an all-out war of further aggression, 'to restore Russian national pride'(!!!)  What 'pride'???

Both America and present day Russia, and indeed much of the rest of this sorry old world, are steadily becoming more openly evil, day by day.

Look at what the bloodthirsty Muslims are doing, [indeed commanded to do by their wretched Koran] to Christians and to EACH OTHER too!

Yet, the always optimistic secular humanist utopian leftist dreamers, world-wide, still want to see only what they in their unrealistic pro-socialist/Marxist fantacies  and ungodly leftist minds,  imagine – that all is becoming better and better – 'progress  through science', etc. yet progress without God!...  Is it?

The hard evidence tells  us otherwise.

May our souls be purified enough, so that we  may be counted worthy of the heavenly 
kingdom, when this end comes.

This world, anyway, is transient and passing.  Dust to dust and ashes to ashes.  Only God and our souls are immortal.

"When all else is gone, there remains, ONLY GOD!"
"Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly!"
Reader Daniel

Marxist version of Crucifixion

Marxist ('Hammer and Sickle') version of Crucifixion? -a gift to Pope (!!)

In this case it is leftist-Marxists using the Roman Catholic church for its own purposes, similar as to the MP using Orthodoxy for its own purposes. What blasphemy! The communists have indeed re-crucified Christ, along with many millions of Christians, so in that sense, to place His suffering image on the hammer of their satanic symbol, ( under which banner they have murdered many millions), is not totally illogical,  though it is ironic, and it is still blasphemous.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vechnaya Pamyat! Princess Irina S. Bagration

Memory Eternal! Vechnaya Pamyat! to (Princess) Irina S. Bagration

*Please pray for her soul. She was a great benefactress to our church.


And The Notice From 

Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani Departed to the Lord

She was a great supporter and benefactress of the Russian Church Abroad, all her life, and especially of our continued ROCA under our Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel.

May she indeed rest with the Saints!

 Eternal memory! For to the Lord departed, Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani Author: Metropolitan Agafangel, July 9, 2015 . .

Princess Irina S. Bagration with her mother-in-law, Mother Tamata, Abbess of the Mount of Olives Convent in Jerusalem.  Mother Tamara was born Princess Tatiana Constantinova of Russia (1890-1979), the third child and oldest daughter of Grand Duke Constantine Sonstantinovich of Russia and his wife, Elisabeth Mavrikievna, née Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg.  She took the veil at Geneva in 1946. 


July 9 at 2 am from Wednesday to Thursday in New York (USA), went to the Lord Princess Irina S. Bagration-Mukhrani.

The funeral service will be held on Saturday, July 11, at 10:00 at the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria.

Irina S. will be  buried in the cemetery of Novo-Diveevo. 

Kingdom Of Heaven!

 Photo: Irina S. with the abbess of the monastery on the Mount of Olives in the Holy Land, Tamara (Duchess Romanova, the daughter of Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich).

Russian original:

American and Romanian pilgrims visit Bulgaria

Orthodox Pilgrims from America and Romania visited the Bulgarian Old Calendar Church

Our sister churches to our ROCA:
*article found on:

Since July 1, (n. C.) 2015 with the blessing of His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens Callinicus (CPI Greece), a group of Orthodox America, headed by His Eminence, Metropolitan Dimitri (CPI Greece in the US), visited the Old Calendar Orthodox Church in Bulgaria .

Guests arrived here after a few days in Romania. The main purpose of the pilgrimage was the Feast of St. Glyceria in Romania (15/28 June) at Transfiguration Monastery Sloatiara. Pilgrims arrived from Bucharest to Sofia in the afternoon on July 1. They were joined by guests from the Romanian Orthodox Old Calendar Church - Bishop Dionysius Galati, Archimandrite Niphon of the Dormition Monastery in Bucharest and the priest Sebastian Mogartsan from Suceava. 

On the morning of July 2, when the Church celebrates the memory of St. Jude the Apostle, one of the 70 apostles of Christ, as well as the patron saint of the Orthodox of America - St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco the Wonderworker, group of pilgrims attended the service at the Assumption Cathedral of St. Sophia church. At the end of the Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop Photios Triaditsky addressed the guests with a short welcoming speech.

Our brothers and sisters from the United States and Canada visited Knyazhev Monastery of the Holy Virgin. In the monastery of His Eminence Metropolitan Demetrios and Bishop Dionysius turned to the nuns a pastoral word. Spiritual conversation continued over lunch at the monastery living. After the meal, the guests bowed monastic sanctuary and departed in two different directions: the pilgrims from America to the south, and the clergy from Romania - to the north, to their homeland.

Along the way, visitors from the United States and Canada attended the Rila Monastery - Bulgarian resort for every faithful heart. They were impressed by the splendor of the monastery and a beautiful view of the surroundings from the top of the hill ...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Photos from Monastery in Thebes GOC

Sharing: Monastery of St. Nikita in Thebes, Greece

NOTE: Let us remember in our prayers the many much-suffering poor in Greece.
Many people there have already been starving and destitute, but now it is getting even worse.

Church and various other aid agencies and organizations, [ national and international], are not able to adequately cope.

"O Lord, hear the God-fearing and hear us!". 
"In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he answered me!"  

*Article found on

 GOC- Greece: service in the monastery of St.. Nikita in Thebes. ФОТО PHOTOSАвтор: Монахиня Вера вкл. Author: Vera nun

Monday, July 6, 2015

Antiochian Church breaks communion with the JP

Antiochian Church breaks communion with the Jerusalem Patriarchate


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My only comment on this story: Regardless of all other issues, [driving Orthodox today, world-wide] temporary schisms and splits between different local Orthodox churches, have been common through the past centuries, and often the cause has been, as this one seems to be: one church being perceived as infringing into the other's canonical territory.  Later, such breaks are usually healed, one way or another.  But if one looks at our Orthodox canon laws,  – that is why there are so many canons defining such local-church's prerogatives, [including the rights of their ruling bishops]  and the punishments  for those who try to usurp  them.  In past times, too, when we had Orthodox emperors, such disputes were often decided by them.

To our traditionalist Orthodox perspective: We see both the current administrations of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and also of the Antiochean Patriarchate, both guilty of many canonical infractions, indeed of preaching and practicing many.. gross  heresies, – breaking of the canons.  Both are part of this world-wide end times mass Apostasy.  So, this current flap  about territorial rights being stolen, seems to be "the pot calling the kettle black."  It is nothing but crass worldly power politics, infringing into church life – quite disgusting in the end.  But, sadly this is really nothing new.

And if 'ISIS" totally takes over the territory of where these Antiochean bishops reside, they will murder them and most of their flocks all off, anyway.  Then what?

Just my views-Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon

June 29, 2015

In ended June 26, 2015 in Balamand Monastery in Lebanon under the chairmanship of the Patriarch John X session of the Synod of the Antiochian Orthodox Church adopted a special statement on the jurisdictional conflict between Antioch and the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Qatar.  The statement was published in Arabic, Greek and French on the website .

The statement noted that violations of the Jerusalem Patriarchate canonical geographical boundaries of the Patriarchate of Antioch took place in connection with the creation of the Diocese of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem in Qatar and her appointment to the archbishop.

"Antioch Church tried to find a solution for peace, based on cooperation and coordination between the Orthodox sister Churches," - said in a statement that emphasizes the commitment of the Patriarchate of Antioch "dodge to undermine the unity of Orthodoxy."
At the same time the declaration indicates that the Antiochian Church used to date all possible means to reach a compromise, "including the mediation undertaken by the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the other sister Churches, as well as the Greek government", but it has not led to the decision problem.
The statement stated that "the Patriarchate of Jerusalem recently tears agreement concluded in the presence of representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the promises given to the Primates of the sister Churches, which has offered to mediate." Patriarchate of Jerusalem continues to qualify regions, who are in the canonical jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Antioch, and rejects any attempt to overcome differences, sums up the Synod of the Antiochian Orthodox Church.
"All initiatives to resolve the deadlocked," - said in a statement. At the same time, everyone who has made ​​this initiative, recognized the indisputable right of the Patriarchate of Antioch jurisdiction over Arabia, and including - all the countries of the Persian Gulf, said the hierarchs of the Orthodox Church of Antioch.
In connection with the foregoing, the Holy Synod of the Antiochian Orthodox Church took the following decisions:
1) To break communion with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
2) Recognize that any decision should be based on the differences agreement concluded in Athens in June 2013
3) Antioch Church insists on the principle of unanimity on all pan-Orthodox meeting in addressing the presence of the sister Churches on the canonical territory of the other jurisdiction.
4) The provisions of this resolution shall come into force immediately, after which it becomes impossible for all the clergy of the Church of Antioch to participate in any worship service, held under the chairmanship of the clergy of the Jerusalem Patriarchate or with their participation.