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historic photos of Sarov Monastery

General Sharing, in human-English and with the link to the original-Russian captions: Old historic photos of Sarov Monastery, etc.

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Original Russian language captions with these photos:


In memory of Venerable Saint Seraphim of Sarov. Photos of Sarov, at the beginning of the XX century

Author: Vera nun incl. . Published in the Russian Orthodox Church (Views: 34)
Tags: Orthodox shrines, Sarov, photos
Black and white photographs of Sarov, at the  beginning of the XX century. Many photos are from 1903, made during the canonization of St. Seraphim of Sarov, by MI Gribov, a hereditary Moscow photographer.
The chapel and 'swimming pool' at the spring of Venerable  Fr. Seraphim
(This is where many pilgrims, to this very day in 2016,  take a holy-bath in this sacred pool, to receive blessings).
Place of the stone, upon which,  for 1000 nights, St. Seraphim prayed .
The newly consecrated Holy Trinity Church, built over the cell of  the Venerable St. Seraphim
Near his holy 'pustinka'/desert, of Fr. Seraphim
Procession at the  Seraphim-Diveevo monastery to Sarov Hermitage, July 17, 1903
The arrival of the procession from the Seraphim-Diveevo monastery to the  Sarov Hermitage
Present were  Their Imperial Majesties, on the border of the province of Tambov, with deputations of  bread and salt, to greet them.
Arrival of Their Imperial Majesties in Sarov, July 17, 1903
Meeting of Their Imperial Majesties by Metropolitan Anthony of Sarov, 17 July 1903
Exit of Their Imperial Majesties from the Assumption Cathedral, July 17, 1903
The Emperor walking on the way to the spring of Venerable Seraphim
Their Imperial Majesties visit the stone upon which Ven. Seraphim prayed 1000 nights
Their Imperial Majesties visit the Far Hermitage of Venerable Seraphim, July 18, 1903
Presented was the icon from [or to?], Their Imperial Majesties, of the  horugvenostsev [?] icon, July 18, 1903
Translation [transferring]  of Holy relics of St.  Seraphim from the  Church of Sts. Zosima and Sabbatius during vespers, July 18, 1903, to the Cathedral of the Assumption
Removal of the relics from the Assumption Cathedral, 19 July 1903
The procession with the Holy relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov, July 19, 1903
The procession to the altar of the Assumption Cathedral July 19, 1903
The procession with the Holy relics of St. Seraphim. Return of the procession to the Cathedral of the Assumption
Exit of Their Imperial Majesties from the Assumption Cathedral, 20 July 1903
Departure of Their Imperial Majesties from Sarov. Their Majesties, preceded by the clergy, go to the Holy Gate, July 20, 1903
Visit of Their Imperial Majesties, to the  bogomolcheskogo [?], town of Sarov, July 20, 1903
General view of Sarov
Palace of Their Majesties in Sarov
The Cathedral - dedicated to The Life-Giving Spring and The Assumption
Shrine of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov, a gift of  their Imperial Majesties
The chapel over the tomb of Holy Venerable  Seraphim
Tomb of Holy Father Seraphim, in its present form
Outside view of the cell of the  Venerable St. Seraphim, where the  Monk Seraphim died(over this cell there was  built a new large temple in the name of the Holy Trinity)
Interior view of the chapel, where there is the spring of the Venerable St.  Seraphim
Seraphim-Diveevo nunnery (left side) - the refectory, the parish church, the bell tower and the Cathedral
Sarov Hermitage
The miraculous icon of the Holy Virgin of Tenderness, before which The Righteous Venerable St. Seraphim died.

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