Monday, January 18, 2016

"Patriotic Hackers" attacking on behalf of Mother Russia

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Dan Everiss

Sun, Jan 17, 2016 at 12:11 PM

Comment: This article is about some spectacular high level internet hacking and electronic destruction of governmental, and military, and business internet connections, etc.

However, it is also quite  clear, that the many lower-level Putin's internet-trollers, no doubt many of whom are paid, or for 'patriotic sentiments', also, daily, work to sabotage and shut down any and all internet criticisms of Putin and his Kremlin gang [and thus to, malign and discredit any critics of him and his actions], ...on any and all levels of the world-wide internet information field.  And, of course, they do this to sites, especially popular ones, in many languages.

KGB neo-soviet dictator, Vladimir Putin now has the most massive propaganda system and network, ever seen on this earth.  Does he, or his captive MP 'church', ever tell the full truth, about anything???

I recall back some years, [way before that later 2007 betrayal, during the bitter strife and internal warfare within ROCOR here in N. America], back to the time of the so-called, Mansonville/Vitaly Schism, that Met. Lavr Skurla,  requested any who had internet technical computer & knowledge/skills , to help...shut down & STOP the internet critics of himself and our ROCA, as our church then, had no such communication expertise [truly] against the heavy daily internet bombardment [and also from their regular mailings of their volumes of printed materials], from the Mansonville folks.  

His exact desperate & exasperated appeal was: 'Those who have such technical skills, must help us'...and it was very clear what he meant, that such ROCOR loyalists needed to electronically SABOTAGE the enemy side (Mansonville) and stop them, SHUT THEM DOWN,  from disseminating their information on the internet.

What is happening now, is but a greatly expanded and vastly improved version of those early primitive days of internet sabotage.

Such is a fruit of our modern scientific 'progress'? ...i.e. our advanced technologies, especially in the mass communication field, are destroying us all, and are a handy powerful tool for dictators, to control minds and hearts.  Putin well knows this, as also does our native dictator in the making, B. Obama.

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