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ROCA's GOC Sister Church: Nativity of Christ in Attica

Festal Sharing: (Photos): Our ROCA's Greek GOC Sister Church: Nativity of Christ in Aharne (Attica, Greece)-

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The Nativity of Christ in Aharne (Attica, Greece GOC), PHOTOS

Author: Vera nun incl. . Published in the CPI Greece (Views: 3)
Tags: CPI Greece, Attica, aharne, Christmas, photo
In an atmosphere of piety there was celebrated the Nativity of our Lord in the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Aharne,  Attikiyskoy diocese (GOC Greece). 
The faithful flocked to the church to attend the All-night festive service, led by Metropolitan Chrysostomos, concelebrated by priests and deacons.
The service was attended by representatives of the local authorities  of Aharne.
After the service, with joy and excitement, the bishop, and the clergy and the faithful sang Nativity  carols. 

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