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Instructions of St. Nectarius of Aegina

A General Re-Sharing: what was sent to me today: Instructions of St. Nectarius of Aegina


Instructions of St. Nectarius of Aegina
On Sorrows
Any sorrow, patiently endured, becomes a step towards perfection.
Happiness is found within ourselves
How mistaken are those people who search for happiness outside of themselves: in foreign countries and travels, in riches and glory, in great possessions and enjoyments, in pleasures and excess, and in empty things, which in the end are bitterness!
To build a tower of happiness outside our own heart is like building a house on a spot that continually suffers earthquakes.
Happiness is found within ourselves, and blessed is he who has realized this.
He who has a pure heart is a beloved child of God
A good conscience is the greatest of all the blessings. It is the price of a peaceful soul and tranquil heart.
Whoever has a pure heart, who does not experience accusations from his own heart, who does good and that which is pleasing and perfect in the eyes of God, who carefully observes the commandments of God, the same has boldness to stand before God. Everything that he asks he receives from God.
He who has a pure heart is a beloved child of God. The Spirit of the Son lives in his heart, and he receives everything he asks for, finds all that he seeks, and doors are opened to him when he knocks.
Not a goal, but a means
Fasting, vigil, and prayer by themselves do not bring the desired fruit, because they are not the purpose of our life, but constitute the means for achieving our goal.
Be attentive to your minor falls
Be attentive to your minor falls. If some sin befalls you from inattentiveness, don’t despair, but pull yourself together and kneel before God Who has the power to raise you up.
Within ourselves we have deeply rooted weaknesses, passions and flaws, many of which are hereditary. All of this cannot be broken with one sharp movement, or a worrisome and difficult experience, but by patience and perseverance.
Don’t lose heart and don’t be afraid
Remember that after temptation follows spiritual joy and that the Lord watches over those who endure temptations and sufferings for the sake of His love. So, don’t lose heart and don’t be afraid.
Entrust all your cares to the Lord: He will take care of you.
Entreat God and don’t lose courage. Don’t think that because your desire is holy, you have the right to complain when your prayers go unheard. God will fulfill your desires in some way you don’t know about. So, calm down and invoke God.
Ask God for love every day
Ask God for love every day. Along with love comes all the many blessings and virtues.
Sanctification abandons the confused and angry heart
Sanctification abandons the confused and angry heart, darkened by hatred for one’s neighbor. Make peace with your brother more quickly, to not deprive yourself of the grace of God, which sanctifies our hearts.
He who is at peace with himself and at peace with his neighbor is at peace with God. Such a person is filled with holiness, because God Himself abides in him.
Don’t impose upon yourself more than you can bear
Don’t impose upon yourself more than you can bear. Remember that God does not bestow His gifts under duress, but when He Himself wants to. Everything He gives you, you receive undeservedly, according to His mercy.
Grace is sent as a gift to those who have been cleansed from the passions
Those who seek Divine gifts and insights, while being immersed in passion, dwell in stupid and proud delusion. Above all it is necessary to work upon cleansing ourselves.
Grace is sent as a gift to those who have been cleansed from the passions. And they receive it quietly and in an hour they don’t know.

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