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THE BISHOP'S PLACE: A powerful episcopal declaration

THE BISHOP'S PLACE: A powerful episcopal declaration ........Short Address by Metropolitan Cyprian, about the charity work of church members, and also about the central place of the canonical ruling BISHOP in directing it all, etc.


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Dan Everiss

Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 6:32 PM

My added and most sincere comments:

 To what is expressed in this GOC epistle, addressed to his Greek flock mainly, but which  also coincidentally, its main implications apply fits  our current ROCA chaotic internal situation:

 Without the proper and God-ordained authority of the lawful canonical Orthodox ruling bishop, in our ROCA'S case, our VERY SOUNDLY ORTHODOX,  and anti-ecumenist and anti-Sergianist, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel with  his Holy Synod, they who are  successors of the Apostles and of Jesus Christ Himself,.... they who themselves obey what the Holy Orthodox Faith teaches,  there is NO ORTHODOX Church....NONE!...not anyway for us who claim to be a part of our continued Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

A newly founded  miserable, dishonest,  and unjustified parasynagogue, which is  lead by retired-bishops, Andronik Kotlaroff, and Sofrony Musienko,( whose total true motives are still not clear to this day) now centered at Mountain View,  New York, has no right to call itself, The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad! It has no authority to call or organize any 'sobor', of any sort.

Therefore, that unjustified and slanderous and malicious and  unlawful schismatic rebellion against THE ruling bishop's person or sacred apostolic authority, [as is now underway, like a fast spreading deadly malignant cancer,  in our North American and Australian ROCA flocks], is rebellion against Christ Himself! Those who are so foolishly and so ignorantly entrapped, have already left the Holy Orthodox Apostolic and Catholic Church, and they are self-condemned and grace-less and they need to STOP their nonsense and REPENT, and return to the Faith, and to proper obedience to our ruling hierarchy. Renegade false-'bishops', and any lower clergy  obedient to them,  we all  need to reject and to flee from. We all know their names. Those two, self-serving and deluded power-hungry men, & those others with them motivating and directing them for their own dark or confused purposes, and who do not obey or respect their fellow bishops, [they reject conciliarity /sobornost],  THOSE FELLOW BISHOPS, and the METROPOLITAN  WHO CONSECRATED THEM TO BE BISHOPS!, and who can thus, remove them as fellow bishops!,  so why should we obey those two? We should not  obey or respect them! They are no better than MP pseudo- 'bishops', or ecumenist heretical betrayers.

Those who make or lead such lawless mindless anti-Orthodox schisms,[to the joy of Satan himself and of all of our enemies],  or who blindly or willingly take part in them, will have to answer for it at their judgments.
The Holy Fathers warn that such participation is a straight path to Hell eternal.

This power-grabbing  angry and irrational impious schism has nothing to do, in reality,  with their avowed righteous sounding purpose, of  'cleansing and purifying the church', and of convicting and booting out, Met. Agafangel because of his [unproven!] supposed 'crimes', etc. and their other RUBBISH nonsense!

In America, however, they will end up as just another weird, though 'colorful and exotic', religious sect, of which we already have many, or some... or most of them will, finally,  simply join ROCOR/MP's Hilarion Kapral's gang, under their 'Mother Church', the [KGB/FSB run] Putin's/Stalin founded,  'Moscow Patriarchy'....or join themselves to worldly-Orthodoxy.

This new month of January will tell us, who is in our remnant-ROCA church and who has left us.

And a.... personal... hatred/dislike...for Vladyka Agafangel, does not qualify as a just excuse for this schism.

Many in our world-wide ROCA, love and respect him, as they also do of our other honorable bishops.

Those fanatical rebel Putin worshipping Ishevesk clergy, left us on their own. Our Metropolitan and our other bishops would not/COULD not bless Putin's immoral bloody invasion of Ukraine, or his annexation of Crimea, so...they accused us, of  'mixing politics into the church', and of being, 'pro-Ukrainian-Kiev-Nazi sympathizers', and other vicious, UNTRUE,  pro-MP Putin's Kremlin propaganda, nonsense...and then, cursing us as they ran off, ... THEY LEFT US  ON THEIR OWN!...our Metropolitan  did not 'throw them out'. His only later reject, after they left us, was to admit that he regretted ever receiving them. And by the way, some of their flock has stayed loyal to us.

Those pathetic Ishevesk clergy are good typical products of soviet-culture, and totally MP creations. Truly, they were never sincere members of our ROCA, just more 'plants' inside of our church.

Stop swallowing pure slanders, libel, and lies, people, and care to learn the truth, and then you will not keep attacking our righteous Metropolitan or our ROCA!

Or are you really doing this, are anti-American, and that you do support war-loving mass-murderer Vladimir Putin and his Stalin-founded Moscow Patriarchy?... either for pay or for ignorant neo-soviet-'Russian nationalistic' devotion? Is what he is doing, truly, "restoring Russian national pride"? it?

Vladimir Putin and his gang, are preparing the world for World War III, a nuclear nightmare for the entire earth, including for Russia.
Dictator Putin is another Adolph Hitler, a Lenin, a Stalin, a for-runner of anti-Christ.

Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon


Address by Metropolitan Cyprian
at the Second Recognition Dinner for the
Association of Volunteers of our Holy Metropolis
Monday, November 22, 2016 (Old Style)

Solidarity,Volunteerism, Ministry: Safeguards

My beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ; Co-ministers, Assistants, and Fellow Co-workers; Clergy and Laity:

I bow down and noetically kiss the prints of your feet, with sincere gratitude for the divers ways in which you cultivate your charisms, offering them to the glory of God and for the alleviation of the pain of our neighbor. This is our second recognition dinner honoring the association of volunteers who, with sacrificial love and self-denial, assist the ecclesiastical, charitable, and cultural work of our Holy Metropolis.The Orthodox Church never separates spiritual needs from the material needs of Her members, and of all of humankind in general.

It would be akin to monophysitism [from monos, “only, single” and physis, “nature”]—that is, a heresy—were we to concern ourselves solely with that which pertains to the soul or spirit, while disregarding all things pertaining to the body: the social aspect of our existence, our responsibilities to our neighbor, and our concern for the common good.
* * *
Hence, my beloved co-ministers, assistants, and fellow workers, you are worthy of honor and gratitude, in that you did not choose evasion and indifference in the face of the drama of our neighbor.

The social problems and our multifarious interventions in every aspect of it all, have always been at the heart of the immediate interests of the Orthodox Church.

Our stance, our sensitivity, concerning everything pertaining to the social drama constitutes a criterion of the genuineness of our application of the precepts of the Gospel.

We must make clear, however, and stress that our active participation in dealing with this multifaceted drama does not constitute an end in itself, but rather a genuine expression of the social aspect of the Gospel and an active love to one’s neighbor.

The Way and Truth and Life, that is, Christ our Savior, guides us to a heroic and self-sacrificial exodus from the prison of our own selves, in order to encounter our brother, and, through him, our Lord and God, in an eternal communion of love.

Ministry and the Cross are at the heart of the Evangelical ethos; they are the quintessence of the Gospel; they are a source of inspiration and strength; they are at the essence of the prayer, “Thy Kingdom come. . .on earth as it is in Heaven.”
* * *
My beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Co-ministers, and Assistants:
Our Concerted Ministry of Volunteerism constitutes an initiation into the
Mystery of Solidarity and of Social Responsibility. Solidarity is a resolute commitment; it is an attitude of life; it is a genuine encounter with our neighbor; it is a sense of responsibility for our neighbor; it is loving-kindness and tenderness in Christ for our neighbor; it is the Crucifixional-Resurrectional experience of writing the bright side of history, together with the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the naked, the imprisoned, the ailing, the strangers, and the refugees;

together with the victims of the frightful modern-day slave trade, of the violence of fratricidal wars, of the horror of drug addiction, and of the corruption, perversion, and degeneration of human dignity.

This burden of social responsibility requires constant vigilance, in prayer and repentance, for therein lurk the dangers of adulteration: the danger of losing our Christocentric vision, and of our ministry, which should be in imitation of Christ, deteriorating into one of domination: the danger that the humble spirit of washing our brother’s feet be replaced by a love of primacy, self-admiration, self-promotion, the appropriation for ourselves of the Work of God, and

This deadly danger arises when we forget the Apostolic, Patristic, and Synodal Teaching of our Holy Church: “Let the Bishop have the care of all the matters of the Church, and let him administer them as under the scrutiny of God” (Thirty-eighth Apostolic Canon).
“Let not the Presbyters [ the priests] or Deacons do anything without the sanction [blessing]  of the Bishop; for it is he who is entrusted with the people of the Lord, and of whom will be required the account of their souls” (Thirty-ninth Apostolic Canon).
"DO NOTHING WITHOUT THE BISHOP",  (Epistle of St. Ignatios of Antioch to the Philadelphians, 7:1); “Let no man do anything pertaining to the Church without the Bishop” (Ibid., Epistle to the Smyrnaeans,8:1); “He who honors the Bishop has been honored by God; he who does anything without the knowledge of the Bishop, does [in reality] serve the Devil”(Ibid., 19:1)
* * *
My beloved Brothers and Sisters, Co-ministers, and Assistants:With profound gratitude and affection, I embrace each one of you individually and all together, in the
Theanthropic Embrace of our Church. It is my wish that we continue our voluntary and self-sacrificial offering to our neighbor, working together peacefully, with the followingsafeguards:
1) Always serve with the knowledge, blessing, and consent of your Bishop and be in spiritual unity with him in Christ;
2) Let us always have in our mind’s eye,  Christ our Savior, kneeling and washing the feet of His Disciples;
3) Let us constantly hearken to the exhortation of our Lord that we
be, by means of love and humility,
“the last,” “ministers,” and “servants”of all.
4) Love is the common factor in all of our ministries in the Church; hence, it is not possible for the practice of our ministries to occasion divisions, superiors and inferiors, masters and servants, psychological dependency, fear, and anxiety.
5) The hierarchy of ministries is a hierarchy of love, which is crowned by the ministry of the Bishop, who should be a paradigm of love, emulating the self-emptying love of Christ our Savior.
* * *
With these humble thoughts, we humbly invoke upon all of us the
blessing of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, through the
intercessions of the All-Hymned Theotokos and of all the Saints.
May the blessing of our Elder and Father, Metropolitan Cyprian of
blessed memory, ever be for us a source of strength, guidance, and 
I thank you!
Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Phyle,
November 22, 2016 (Old Style)
To God be
Glory and Thanksgiving!

From: Saint Edward Brotherhood <>
Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2016 1:02 PM
Subject: Short Address by Metropolitan Cyprian

Bless!  From the Oropos & Fili website today:

Solidarity, Volunteerism, Ministry: Safeguards  

PHOTOGRAPHIC history of Fr. Panteleimon Metropoulos story, in Russian, on,  an old PHOTOGRAPHIC history of Fr. Panteleimon Metropoulos- 


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Dan Everiss

Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 12:07 PM

Once again! I cannot copy,  and then paste this,  unto a new email!!!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Holy Prophet Daniel

Sharing: What was sent to me today, for my Name-Day, of The Holy Prophet Daniel: HAPPY NAMEDAY DANIEL, MAY YOU HAVE MANY MORE


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Dan Everiss

Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 10:55 AM

And my thanks to Minas Xristidis, my Florida GOC Orthodox brother, for this greeting.

And Happy Name Day! to all also blessed to be named after this great Prophet of God! or after this other St. Daniel the Confessor


    The Holy Prophet Daniel and the Three Holy Youths Ananias, Azarias and Misael: In the years following 600 B.C. Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonians, the Temple built by Solomon was destroyed, and many of the Israelite people were led away into the Babylonian Captivity. Among the captives were also the illustrious youths Daniel, Ananias, Azarias and Misael. The emperor of Babylon, Nebuchadnessar, gave orders to instruct them in the Chaldean wisdom, and to dress them in finery at his court. But they, in cleaving to the commandments of their faith, refused the extravagance and led a strict manner of life; they indeed sustained themselves on only vegetables and water. The Lord granted them wisdom, and to Saint Daniel -- the gift of perspicacity and the interpretation of dreams. The holy Prophet Daniel, having preserved sacred faith in the One God and trusting on His almighty help, in his wisdom surpassed all the Chaldean astrologers and sorcerers, and was made a confidant to the emperor Nebuchadnessar. One time Nebuchadnessar had a strange dream, which terrified him, but upon awakening he forgot the details of the vision. The Babylonian wise-men seemed powerless to learn what the emperor had dreamt. Thereupon the holy Prophet Daniel gave glory before all to the power of the True God, revealing not only the content of the dream, but also its prophetic significance. After this Daniel was elevated by the emperor to be a lord of the realm of Babylonia. 

    During these times the emperor Nebuchadnessar gave orders to erect in his likeness -- a huge statue, to which it was decreed to accord the honours befitting a god. For their refusal to do this, the three holy children  -- Ananias, Azarias and Misael -- were thrust into a burning fiery furnace. The flames shot out over the furnace 49 cubits, felling the Chaldeans standing about, but the holy lads walked amidst the flames, offering up prayer and psalmody to the Lord (Dan. 3: 26-90). The Angel of the Lord in appearing made cool the flames, and the lads remained unharmed. The emperor, upon seeing this, commanded them to come out, and was converted to the True God. 

    Under the following emperor Balthasar, Saint Daniel interpreted a mysterious inscription ("Mene, Takel, Phares"), which had appeared on the wall of the palace during the time of a banquet (Dan. 5: 1-31), which foretold the downfall of the Babylonian realm.     Under the Persian emperor Darius, Saint Daniel was slandered by his enemies, and was thrown into a den with hungry lions, but they did not touch him, and he remained unharmed. The emperor Darius then in rejoicing over Daniel gave orders throughout all his realm to worship the God of Daniel, "since that He is the Living and Ever-Existing God, and His Kingdom is unbounded, and His sovereignty is without end" (Dan. 6: 1-29). The holy Prophet Daniel sorrowed deeply for his people, who then were undergoing righteous chastisement for a multitude of sins and offenses, for transgressing the laws of God, -- resulting in the grievous Babylonian Captivity and the destruction of Jerusalem: "My God, incline Thine ear and hearken, open Thine eyes and look upon our desolation and upon the city, in which is spoken Thine Name; wherefore do we make our supplication before Thee, trusting in hope not upon our own righteousness, but upon Thy great mercy" (Dan. 9: 18). By his righteous life and prayer for the redeeming of the iniquity of his people, there was revealed to the holy prophet the destiny of the nation of Israel and the fate of all the world.

    During the interpretation of the dream of the emperor Nebuchadnessar, the Prophet Daniel declared about the kingdoms replacing one another and about the great final kingdom -- the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ (Dan. 2: 44). The prophetic vision about the seventy of weeks (Dan. 9: 24-27) tells the world about the signs of the First and the Second Comings of the Lord Jesus Christ and is connected with those events (Dan. 12: 1-12). Saint Daniel interceded for his people before the successor to Darius, the emperor Cyrus, who esteemed him highly, and who decreed freedom for the Israelite people. Daniel himself and his fellows Ananias, Azarias and Misael, all survived into old age, but died in captivity. According to the testimony of Saint Cyril of Alexandria (Comm. 9 June), Saints Ananias, Azarias and Misael were beheaded on orders of the Persian emperor Chambyses.

Another Saint Daniel, The Holy Monk, Daniel [in schema, Stephen], also remembered today, the Confessor (10th Century):

    The Monk Daniel the Confessor, in the Schema Stephen, was a Spanish dignitary, and ruler of the island of Niverta. Disdaining worldly glory, he accepted monasticism at Rome and set out to the holy places at Constantinople and Jerusalem, where he became a schema-monk. For his refusal to accept Islam he perished as a martyr under the Saracens [the Moslems] in the X Century.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Nativity Homily of St. John Maximovitch

IN ANTICIPATION: To meditate upon: as we conclude our Advent Lent and as we prepare for and approach closer to our Orthodox Great Feast of the Nativity of Christ: Nativity Homily of St. John Maximovitch

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 1:02 PM

*Even as those, the heterodox and the pro-ecumenist worldly-Orthodox, on the western/papal calendar, have already more or less ended their celebration of Christ's birth, many of whom never even observed any version or degree of an Advent Lent. And to many of them, their 'Christmas' has little or nothing to do with the Birth of Jesus Christ, "The founder of the feast!"
"Thou hast come, O Saviour, the Sunrise  of the Orient, to the dark Occident of our nature!"


Nativity Homily St. John S&SF

The Nativity of Christ
†Archbishop John Maximovitch
Shanghai, 1935

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace in men of good will, sang once the Angels of God in heaven.
Almost 2000 years have passed since then, and on earth there continues to be discords, wars, robberies, quarrels, and licentious deeds.  And to many it seems as if the angelic hymn had never resounded in heaven, but was invented by men who inserted their own hopes into it; for there is no peace on earth, there is no good will in men, and, consequently, there is likewise no glory of God, there are no angels, there is no God. 

But those who think thus are cruelly mistaken, as well in their conclusions as in their understanding of that which the angels glorified.  For although the angels, singing a hymn of praise, used words which are often heard on earth, they did not speak of anything earthly.

Men desire glory and peace here, on earth; they desire every good for themselves here, in this earthly life.  But it was not of earthly glory and not of ordinary peace that the angels sang. 

There is not and there will never be on earth either eternal glory or lasting peace.  Glorious alone is the Blessed and Only Mighty King of those who reign and Lord of those who rule: His Kingdom is an eternal Kingdom and His dominion is unto ages and ages. 

Desiring to make other beings also participants of His glory and blessedness, the Lord created angels and men, that they in union with God might have true joy and blessedness. 

But when one of the first angels wished to become equal to God and to have glory and power identical to His, evil entered the world, for evil is everything opposed to God. 

He who fell away from God became His eternal adversary—satan—for evil and good are incompatible.  Those who followed him were deprived of glory and blessedness and became enemies of God. 

From that time until now the implacable battle of the devil with God, of falsehood with Truth, of evil with Good, continues. 

Man, created by God, deceived by the devil, went at first with him, but he could not find life and peace without God.  All mankind was tormented, but it still went the way of evil and could not break the chains of sin, if the Son of God Himself had not come to earth to those who had fallen away from Him. 

Having put on our nature, He united in Himself God and man and thus the bar of enmity was thrown down.  The Lord by His Coming drew near to Himself men who had gone away from God; He illumined by His light their sinful darkness, and by His love He melted their frozen hearts.

Christ calls all to Himself, but not all respond to His voice.  Whoever opens his heart to Him becomes His temple.  The Lord comes to him and dwells in him.  The heart then is filled with peace, and the soul with inexpressible blessedness and love; the will is strengthened in goodness, and the mouth glorifies God in heaven. 

And it is this interior peace of man that the angels announced to the shepherds of Bethlehem, the peace of a man who has made peace with God and become His dwelling. 

Nothing is fearful to such a man; there is no power capable of overcoming him; there is no storm that can shake him; for with him is He than in  Whom there is none more powerful. 

The battle between good and evil continues yet longer; it continues with yet greater force than before the Coming of Christ.  There is no agreement between Christ and Belial, no communion between light and darkness.  The light has been divided between truth and falsehood, and the devil through the sons of darkness wishes to conquer those who have become sons of light.  And the longer the battle continues, the fiercer it is.  Sensing the approach of the eternal Kingdom of God, the devil bends all his efforts to continue his reign.  But the storm which he has raised cannot sink the Ship of Christ. 

Let the waves roar: they do not frighten those who hope in Him Who walked on the waves.  The power of God strengthens ascetics and martyrs for the name of Christ.  During ascetic labors painful for the body, and even the most terrible tortures, they sense a profound peace in their hearts: the body is tormented, but the soul rejoices; evil is done them, but they render good in return, and to hatred reply with love.  Eternal blessedness in the Mansions of God awaits them; there together with the angels they will eternally glorify God, themselves becoming participants of that Glory. 

Let us not fear, brethren, the battle with evil!  Let us uproot it from our hearts and souls, let us drive out of them ill-will and hatred, let us plant in them love toward God and neighbors.  Let us not fear labors for the sake of God and toil for the sake of our neighbors! Let us not be shaken in heart, seeing how the godless tear to pieces those faithful to Christ!  Let us turn our gaze to much-suffering Russia, waging a battle for Truth, and let us cry out: We send you our greetings of the Nativity, our suffering brethren! 

Let us pray to Christ being born, for our brethren: 

Strengthen, O Lord, those who suffer from the enslavers of Holy Russia, those who are deprived of the possibility of visiting Thy Temple, those whom they wish to compel to bow down to the devil! 

Confirm in the Orthodox Faith those also of our brothers who are being deceived into falling away from it for the sake of earthly gain! 

Preserve us all from the tempter and gather into one Thy flock, who with a single peace-making and loving heart and with one mouth sing: 

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace in men of good will.

I invoke the blessing of God on you all and on all whom this epistle reaches, and I greet you on the Nativity of Christ! 


†Archbishop John Maximovitch
Shanghai, 1935

Americans retiring outside of the US

Giving up on America: Growing number of Americans retiring outside of the US

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 11:44 AM

Newly widowed, Kay McCowen quit her job, sold her house, applied for Social Security and retired to Mexico.

Feast of St. Spyridon in Greece

Sister GOC Church to our world-wide ROCA: The Feast of St. Spyridon at Salamis, Attica, Greece-PHOTOS

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 10:33 AM

GOC Greece: Feast of St. Спиридона Тримифунтского в Аттике. Saint Spyridon in Attica. ФОТО A PHOTO Автор: Монахиня Вера вкл. Author: NUN VERA incl. . . Опубликовано в ИПЦ Греции (Просмотров: 14) Posted in Greek CPI (Views: 14)
Воскресенье 12/25 декабря 2016 г. Sunday 12/25 December 2016
В церкви Свт. The church svt. Спиридона в Саламине Митрополит Хризостом Аттикийский и Беотийский вместе с Митрополитом Пирейским и Саламинским Геронтием отслужил Великую вечерню (ИПЦ Греции).

In the church of St.  Spyridon at Salamis, Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Attikiysky and Boeotian with Metropolitan of Piraeus and Salamis, Gerontius, there was served the Great Vespers (GOC Greece).
В своей проповеди владыка Хризостом сказал, что признание святого Спиридона было одним из этапов Первого Вселенского Собора в обличении ереси Ария.

In his homily, Bishop Chrysostomos said that the recognition of St. Spyridon was one of the progressive stages of the First Ecumenical Council in its denouncing of the heresy of Arius.

Сегодня память святого - это новая веха для всех нас, истинно православных, которые чтят старые церковные традиции, потому что после разделения греческой Церкви в 1924 году множество греков празднует Рождество по новому календарю.

Today, the memory of the saint -is  a new milestone for all of us, who are  truly Orthodox, who revere the old church tradition, because after the separation of the Greek Church in 1924, a lot of Greeks celebrate Christmas according to the new calendar.
Высокопреосвященнейший владыка Хризостом пожелал, чтобы святой Спиридон, как он чудесным образом вмешивался много раз в прошлом, чтобы спасти греков, так и теперь помог тем, кто хочет жить благочестиво, и осветил их души, чтобы они вернулись к былым традициям, и чтобы устранились разногласия и воцарилось единство.

The  Most Reverend Bishop Chrysostomos, petitioned   to Saint Spyridon, that as he has in the past  miraculously intervened many times to save the Greeks,  that he  now will continue his aid  in helping those who want to live a godly life, and that he will enlighten their souls, so they will return  to bygone traditions, and to resolve their differences and make unity reign.
На следующее утро, в сам день Праздника свт. The next morning, in the very day of the Feast of St. Спиридона Тримифунтского, Митрополит Хризостом служил Божественную литургию в одноименной исторической церкви в Еруфроне (бывш. Крикуки, Аттика).

For the feast of Saint Spyridon, Metropolitan Chrysostom served the Divine Liturgy in the church of the same name in the historical Erufrone (ex. Krikuki, Attica).

 Этот храм несет живую память преследования православных в период с 1950 по 1952 г., так как именно там всегда праздновали память святого Спиридона согласно православному календарю.

This temple bears the living memory of Orthodox persecution in the period from 1950 to 1952, as it is there, were there  is  always celebrated the memory of St. Spyridon in accordance with the Orthodox calendar.
Источник A source